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Does SPN even have a panel at Comic Con every year? ö.ö

YEP!! I believe that SPN has had a panel since 2007 and J2 have appeared nearly every year since then. In 2011 SPN moved into Hall H (the biggest venue)

Just over a month to go

So we are at 40 days until it starts, until the chaos that is San Diego Comic Con and I have to say this feels very different than last year. With the event moved up 3 weeks to the start of July, I fear that a lot is being put off until the last days, by this time last year we knew a good number of exclusives, most off site events had been planned (and a good number sold out) but this year I feel more in the dark than last year.  

That is saying something since last year was my first year at SDCC, and by following some great folks on Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr I felt very prepared for what was to come.  Last year my biggest issues were with the sure volume of so many people, and things like flippers and the vague use of the term “exclusive”.  I don’t expect any of those things will change this year, but we are 3 weeks past the time last year when Funko sold their tickets to Funko Friday but this year we have no idea when or if that event will happen this year?  That may not seem like much but remember the event is 3 weeks sooner than it was last year, so what last year was a 10 week window is now down to less than 6 weeks.

The question is are things really late and behind schedule?  I went back and looked at some of the sites I used to plan my trip, sites like thenerdfu, @sdccblog, and others and most of the relevant news came out 4-5 weeks before Preview night, and the closer we got to the start the more info kept on coming out.  Maybe it was the chaos this year of pre-registration and registration, which I thought went fairly smoothly, the debacle of the Hotel lottery (which was a complete mess with bad forms, re-submissions, and horrible allocation policies), to the new Parking Spot Lottery which is something I have avoided.

Maybe it is just that in this age of over information, and fairly instant satisfaction due to technology, we just have set the bar too high for anyone to meet.  Last year I was chomping at the bit for every piece of information I could find, and this year I am much more focuses on what I am looking for, what events I want to attend, so while the trickle of info has started, it hasn’t been what I have been waiting for.  I expect the next 2 weeks will be full of info and will leave me panicked to make sure I get a plan in place.  One thing is for sure, this year I am going to take my time and make sure I enjoy myself both at on site and off site events.  I hope to see you in San Diego in July, if not I will do my best to share as much of the experience as I can with you here and on twitter (  Let me know what your plans are, and what you are most looking forward to?


Doctor Who returns to San Diego Comic-Con for a Hall H panel on Thursday, July 9. 

Following his record-breaking first season as the Doctor, Peter Capaldi will make his first ever appearance at Comic-Con with stars Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), Michelle Gomez (Missy), lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and executive producer Brian Minchin

Peter Capaldi on making his first Comic-Con appearance: “Tales of San Diego Comic Con are told in awe on every set around the known fantasy/sci-fi production world. It’s become a fabled kingdom. One I am thrilled to find myself heading for. And to appear in the legendary Hall H, is a further twist to the cosplay and comic madness I may never recover from.”

The new season premieres this fall with a two-part episode, The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar, written by Steven Moffat, produced by Peter Bennett and directed by Hettie Macdonald (Blink, the Hugo Award-winning Doctor Who episode).