So michael rooker flipped me off today!

“ hey Michael wanna flip off the camera!? - fuck no! Er fuck yes cmon take it!- ”

-Goes for high five-
Rooker~ two fucking white guys can’t even fucking hit a high five,Jesus!

I’m flipping the fuck out right now.
Life is completed.

Frank Miller, Jackie Estrada, and neil-gaiman at SDCC 1998 

As long as comic books have existed, female comic book fans have, too, One of the goals for The Geek Girl Project has always been to find those trailblazing geek women from previous generations and tell their stories;  and Jackie Estrada, the force behind Comic Book People 2: Photographs from the 1990s, has shared her story with us in her own words. Check out her story and her Kickstarter. 

con season is nearly upon us, so i have a reminder for everyone

what superheroes are really, truly about isn’t the cool gadgets or the awesome fight sequences or even the witty one liners. superheroes are about being the best version of yourself. so if you’re going to spend a day celebrating them, you better at least uphold their ideals.

you know what steve rogers would never do? sexually harass a cosplayer, no matter how revealing the costume.

you know what peter parker would never do? make a cosplayer feel bad bc they couldn’t afford a fancy, expensive costume.

you know what kamala khan would never do? take a picture of a cosplayer without asking first, or forget to thank them afterwards.

you know what thor would never do? be disrespectful to any fellow con goers or staff.

you know what carol danvers would do if she saw anyone being picked on at a con? intervene herself or get security involved.

have a great con season, everybody, and remember to act the way your faves would want you to!