Sweden needs help.

September 14th, the Swedish election was held. After eight years with a blue government, the red Social Democrats (my party) finally won it back. This is something I and my surroundings have been yearning for for a long time. But the joy this gave us was crushed by a fear I can’t explain in words.

You may have heard of the Swedish Democrats (SD). Last election, they got over 4% of the votes which means they got into the parliament. Since then, they’ve grown to win a shocking 13% of the votes.

This is very bad. Very, very bad. This makes them the third biggest party in the parliament, which makes them powerful. And with power, I can only imagine the damage they can cause.

SD are racists. They try hard not to market themselves as such, but they are. The first evidence is the fact that many, many members of the party have caused scandals by assaulting foreign people (and calling them “fucking niggas” in the process, which as been filmed and published) and making racist statements on twitter, etc.

This is what we call a one-question party. It means that their only real point is immigration. They claim that our massive immigration is the real cause of every problem the country has, and make sure to say so in every single debate, no matter what subject. They want to stop immigration, more or less, and they want to throw out non-swedes. They claim foreigners are more criminal and violent, and basically that they destroy society. I’ve personally heard the leader of the party (Jimmie Åkesson) say in an interview that we shouldn’t let Muslims into the country. Why, I cannot imagine.

Now, to explain exactly why I feel so scared right now I’m going to translate and paste a facebook post I made the same night of the election, after it was finished.

"I had planned on coming home happy, full of enthusiasm and hopes about the future after an election win. Instead, I’m scared to death for the return of a Nazi society in which not all people seem to fit.

I’m serious when I say that I see a future where Jimmie Åkesson is Prime Minister. I’m serious when I say I see a future where SD’s success gives base for not only racism, but also boundless cases of xenophobia. If people actually think that a reduced amount of non-swedes solves our problems, what stops the emergence of politics that say that non-straights and handicapped people, for example, destroys or holds Sweden back?

The reason I’m having these thoughts is that SD’s success (according to me) depends on the fact that they’ve found a scapegoat. Because it’s easy to blame ONE thing. To blame a ethnic group for all our problems, which sounds scarily familiar, is simple, and with the right marketing you can get supporters. Supporters who don’t think Sweden should be a country where all people can thrive.

I wonder, what stops people from finding further scapegoats to blame our problems on? What stops people from expanding SD’s politics to a norm where certain types of people don’t fit into our society?

I don’t want to live here anymore. I’m scared.”

I feel like this explains it fairly well. What I’m seeing right now is the start of the return of a society where people can get hurt by law for being different. It’s the beginning of the end of human rights.

I do want to explain something though. I don’t believe that the party is actually for hurting people this way. They claim they want to help people in their homeland instead, which is better in some ways, and they aren’t racist. I believe them, I don’t think their politics where made to actually discriminate or hurt people. That’s not the problem. The problem is what their politics lead to. So, so many of the party’s member are racists. Openly. They vote for them because they want to see a “clean” Sweden.

This is why SD’s success is dangerous. This is why I need for everyone to acknowledge them and what’s going on in Sweden right now. This is going on in all of Europe, and it has to be stopped.


The night Blondie became my SD...

Last night.
We met at the restaurant we met at last time and we ordered food- we didn’t stop talking! I think we can both talk for England. I love the passion he has for life! Anyways what made me choke was the fact that he pulled out a spliff and asked if I wanted to smoke- I can’t even tell you how much he looks nothing like a weed smoker- anyways I couldn’t as I was driving but I told him he was more than welcome. I had a cigarette whilst he smoked. We went for a walk around London and chatted, then came ‘the talk’. He offered me 1k and I told him I wanted 3- we then settled on 2.5. He had bought 800 to my date so that’s going to pay for some new clothes because I need some SERIOUS retail therapy!
I received an email from him this morning just summing everything up, so I suppose the story starts here!
We’re going to be meeting next Saturday when I get my first allowance, and were going to smoke together.
It’s funny because he’s like a teenage boy. I love it.

Men are so irrelevant. This guy tried to tell me that women buy materialistic items to show off to other women and to attract men… when really it scares men away, “It makes you look bitchy.”

Get the fuck out of here. I don’t spend thousands of dollars on my shit to justify my self worth. I want quality shit for my hard earned money. I scare men away because I look like a million bucks? Good. Stay the hell away.

Books and Cupcakes September Photo Challenge: 17. Spine of Books

Yes, it’s another post dedicated to the amazing Mr Shan. I really love how Madame Octa is on the spine of the Saga of Larten crepsely, even if unluckily amazon did sent me Brothers of the Death in another edition which doesn’t include her!? :( Nevertheless, the books look great toghether on my shelf :)

Light and Fantasy ~ Calm Catastophe
  • Light and Fantasy ~ Calm Catastophe
  • Princess Sylvysprit
  • Touhou 15: Return of Mima

Touhou 15: Return of Mima

Stage 6 boss final spellcard theme

Yeah, it’s Mima’s final spellcard theme

I wanted it to feel calm, but chaotic, i tried doing that with a 3/4 timing, it’s a short theme, but i hope it captures the feelings i wanted

Mima’s normal theme will be here too, but it needs a remastering like i did with the stage 4 boss theme