Sick of this shit

Yo I’m actually sick of sites like Seeking Arrangement, Sugar Daddie, Sugar Sugar, Sugar daddy for me etc

I don’t know what sort of motherfucker thought that it was cool to advertise sugar babies as some sort of super cheap personal sex toys but it’s not cool. Your external advertising makes sugaring a dangerous business as your choice of words in advertising generates the attention of sexual deviants who think that life is a chapter out of 50 shades of grey.

These sites are really encouraging sexual deviants and perverts along with known sex offenders. The verification system is clearly a farce because how can a registered sex offender gain background checked and verified status through your sites?

I’m sick of this shit. I might as well create my own sugar site because at least I have a clue about what sort of men are suitable SD’s!
I’m not even playing!

And here are my completed sd’s. I won’t name the box of heads I got until they all have a faceup! I could only put 12 pics in this collage but cross and Henry are also part of my sd’s ( they just don’t fit in the pic - and I find want to put them alone In an other post) +_+

From top to bottom

Alice, Ace, Sugar, Devin, Aurora, Elliot, Jaxx , chrom, Aries ,spice, Aziel, Ike

Yeah! Ha quedado bien, estoy satisfecha con el resultado del color, ahora me quedan las otras 2 sucrettes que me propuse pintar, ha sido divertido participar en el juego de coloreado de Sucrette, los chibis son tan remonísimos así que es imposible resistirse a no colorearlos! ^^

Los créditos del lineart/base a las maravillosas xiannustudio (estoy enamorada de vuestros Chibis! *3*)

Color & customization by me ( anithsirc ) >v< basado en mi sucrette —> diseño


Yeah!! I finished! this is the result of color, I still yet 2 more for finish and it was fun to play the game of colored Sucrette, the chibis are so cute! ^^

Credits lineart / base to the wonderful xiannustudio (I love yours Chibis! * 3 *) 

Color & customization by me (anithsirc)> v <based on my sucrette -> Design