This is not a brass model.. by Zeolite C O on Flickr.

Caption: “Back in 1995 a brand spanking new SD-75M gets a going-over at the Corwith (Chicago) roundhouse (actually, it’s not round at all. It’s very rectangular, they still called it the roundhouse though.)”

Corwith was one of Santa Fe’s most important railroad yards and continues to be central to BNSF’s operations today:

Leland Knickerbocker’s famous warbonnet by Moffat Road on Flickr.

On perhaps its first trip west after being built, Santa Fe SD75M No. 222 pauses for a drink of fuel at Belen, New Mexico, on June 2, 1995. These SD75Ms were the last locomotives built for the Santa Fe before the merger with BN to form BNSF. The shiny machine proudly wears Leland Knickerbocker’s famous warbonnet paint scheme, first appearing on the 1937 EMD-built slant-nose passenger E1s.

Uncertain Future by Jeff Carlson_82 on Flickr.

On January 19th, 2015 I stopped by Mid-America Car in Kansas City and was lucky enough to have stopped by while their SW1 was switching around the complex. Here, its seen moving BNSF SD75M #249 outside to an uncertain future. While these units were at MAC, the railroad decided to place the fleet into storage, so who knows whether or not they’ll run again for BNSF. Surely they’ll find a new home somewhere, but where?

Matfield Green, Kansas: 31 MAR'96 

Returning to the Flint Hills, from which I posted some images earlier this summer, on an earlier visit a BNSF eastbound intermodal passes west switch - and a westbound - behind SD75, C44-9, GP60, C44-9 (ATSF231….third unit is an SP.)


BNSF 219 “Warbonnet” on the Illinois Railway on 6-28-2014

An EMD SD75M in Sante Fe “Warbonnet” livery is the leader of a 100 car silica sand train rolling along the Illinois Railway between Sheridan and Millington, Illinois.

A nice wave from Engineer Scott. Thanks.

Santa Fe Slammer by Wang Halen on Flickr.

K643’s head end has just turned the corner at Deshler with a good looking former Santa Fe SD75M in the lead. Here, the loaded ethanol train is slowly passing underneath the B&O CPL cantilever signal at Deshler Reservoir, one of many classic signals in the area.


Review of Athearn Genesis SD75I with Tsunami Sound

A video review of the new HO scale Athearn Genesis BNSF SD75I. This engine is factory equipped with a DCC Tsunami sound decoder. In the video we’ll listen to the engine sounds, examine the details on the engine and compare it to a EMD SD75M.