This is not a brass model.. by Zeolite C O on Flickr.

Caption: “Back in 1995 a brand spanking new SD-75M gets a going-over at the Corwith (Chicago) roundhouse (actually, it’s not round at all. It’s very rectangular, they still called it the roundhouse though.)”

Corwith was one of Santa Fe’s most important railroad yards and continues to be central to BNSF’s operations today:

Matfield Green, Kansas: 31 MAR’96 

Returning to the Flint Hills, from which I posted some images earlier this summer, on an earlier visit a BNSF eastbound intermodal passes west switch - and a westbound - behind SD75, C44-9, GP60, C44-9 (ATSF231….third unit is an SP.)


BNSF 219 “Warbonnet” on the Illinois Railway on 6-28-2014

An EMD SD75M in Sante Fe “Warbonnet” livery is the leader of a 100 car silica sand train rolling along the Illinois Railway between Sheridan and Millington, Illinois.

A nice wave from Engineer Scott. Thanks.