Can I just say that this was a really powerful moment in our relationship? Finals night. August 6, 2013 in Michigan City, Indianapolis. Waiting to hear who the world champions where with a score of 95.15, and right after that, having a hug from her truly made my tour complete. All the bus rides and sleepless nights from that summer finally feels like it paid off with that hug ❤️😍 #gf #whipped #iloveher #mygirlfriendisbetterthanyours #scvc #scvc2013 #dci #openclass

From May to June, it has been some of the hardest things I’ve done both physically and mentally, I’ve met great people and traveled on a bus without sleep. Lost 27lbs, got tan, and won a gold medal. Thank you, SCVC for this great experience, i couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my summer then with those who helped this all possible! #scvc2013 #DCI #beforeandafter #happycamper


I hate having post drum corps depression.. I miss my contra.. I miss snapping it and throwing it up with Matt all the time, I miss doing tuba flips and just messing around with Ivan. Or having to help the food crew and getting extra food ;) honestly, I miss showering with the guys and how funny we’d all be and not give a fuck. Oh how I miss sitting next to Maddie on a bus and having her cause me sleepless bus rides. I miss getting into uniform… God dammit man, I wanna wear my Aussie again and fucking lay nuclear waste of that damn field! I miss seeing my boo in her uniform looking as sweet as an angel, then the most vicious tiger out there in performance. Dude, talk about missing the techs hilarious smartass comments them killing us I’m denair. Or having to reset movement 3, the 45 count halt, followed by the box rotation sets of crazy jazz running for everyone… God damn I miss it all…