Attention to all my followers and those who see this in the tags!

I’m starting up a new blog called Artists Daily.

What is this blog all about?: Artists Daily is a blog devoted to promoting artists that are just getting started on Tumblr, or have had trouble gaining traction since joining. Any artist may submit five pieces of their art (fanart or original content), which will be posted along with a link to their blog. The goal of this blog is to help people discover new wonderful artists to follow, and to help the artists themselves via the publicity it provides.

This blog is just starting up so it needs some SERIOUS PROMOTION if anything is to come of it, so please reblog this like all heck and follow! Please do not like this post, likes kill posts ;w;

Slip free from the leash society has wrestled round your neck! Grab your brushes, your pencils, your needles; your notebooks, your guitars and your ladles. The code you write will programme a revolution, and a better world will be exposed in lego bricks and clay. Invent! Create! This is a call to arms; a call to grab the anger and fear in your swelling heart and turn it into poetry, paintings, sweaters, songs. The man with the imagination will be king, and honey, you should see yourself in a crown. The tie around your neck should not be a noose, but a rope to pull inspiration closer; the beep of your alarm should not be a dirge, but a fanfare to tell the morning of your presence. Paint on the walls they tell you not to. Scribble truths on the whiteboard when they’re not looking. Write sonnets about theorems and sums, knit calculator cosies, scrawl songs on the underside of bricks.

To quote Jonathon Larson, the opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation! Whether you draw a stick-man on a scrap of paper or play a symphony, your creation is worth more than the frowns and the jeers and the injustice of the world. Life is not ordained as a series of systems, a series of forms and ticked boxes. No. Life is whatever you make it. We are born to be inventive, to make murals out of our mistakes and skyscrapers out of our achievements. Be eloquent and elegant; ruin those who hurt you with sequined cards, and reward the ones you love with hand-painted ornaments.

Disturb the universe with your art. Make a ripple, make a splash.

You aren’t a sheep or a shepherd. You are the star that shines above them both.


So in a fit of post-depression extravagance I bought a Wacom tablet. Got it in the vague hope it would let me do sculpting in Blender. Without pressure sensitivity I wasn’t having any luck. So today gave it a shot- just ad-libbed a face starting from a sphere (Using Dynotopo).

Really pleased with the results! (except the lips, which I screwed up at some point.) Buttchin McDoofus is just a sketch, probably won’t ever be finished, but I’m happy I can kind of make shapes look like stuff!