The Split Man sculpture in Victoria’s Way Indian Sculpture Park, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow, Eastern Ireland. Sculpted in India from mostly black granite by a master sculptor before being shipped to Ireland. Victor Langheld (b. 1940) owns and maintains the park.   Photography:  1,2,3: Ben Keenan, 4,5: Unknown  6: Daniel Dudek-Corrigan 


Since graduating in 1992 with a BFA from the Hong-Ik University Jaehyo Lee (1965, Hapchen, Korea) has gained acclaim both in his native Korea and internationally for his distinct yet intimately crafted oeuvre. Combining distinct traces of Land Art, Arte Povera and Minimalism Lee´s works cast a questioning eye over the roots of form, its function and its role within the natural world. 

Amongst many other distinctions Jaehyo was in 1998 Grand Prize Winner at the Osaka Triennial and in 2002 recipient of the prestigious Irish Sculpture in Woodland commission. His works are held in public and private collections across Europe, Asia and North America.

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posted by Margaret.

Post The Most Beautiful Examples Of Book Sculptures

#1 Book Of Life

#2 “charon And The Door To A World Of Dreams” Book Sculpture

#3 Book Sculpture Made By Using Surgical Tools

#4 Landscapes Which Are Made By Carving Old Books

#5 Alice In Wonderland By: Susan Hoerth Altered Book

#6 Dutch Bookweek Written Portraits

#7 The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

#8 Old Books Turned Into An Interesting Piece Of Art

#9 Hot Air Balloon Book Sculpture

#10 Pride And Prejudice By Susan Hoerth Alter Book

#11 Jacqueline Rush Lee’s Inked Books (anthologia)

#12 House In A Field Book Art

#13 “great Comfort” Book Arts

#14 Meyers 19, 1906

#15 Jacqueline Rush Lee’s Inked Series (nous: There’s No Why Here),transformed Philosophy Book 2014

#16 Mayberry’s Insects

#17 The Boy’s Own Annual 1894

#18 Artist: Pablo Lehmann - “naked Book” (26 X 15 X 6 Cm.) Cut-out Paper 2007

#19 The Little Match Girl - Handmade Book Sculpture By Karine Diot

#20 Pablo Lehmann - “thesaurus” (21 X 15 X 19 Cm.) Cut-out Paper 2011

#21 The Paper House - Handmade Book Sculpture By Karine Diot

#22 Nouveau Larousse Illustre 5, 1907

#23 The Boy’s Own Annual 1896

#24 The Little Mermaid - Book Sculpture By Karine Diot

#25 Ellie And Zaira Book Folding Created By Marlene Marques.


Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz, three brothers living in New Brighton, Minnesota, love to create snow sculptures in their front yard every winter. They created a detailed 12-foot-tall sea turtle!
The boys begin their work by piling up snow into a crude pile, which they then carefully sculpt into their desired form over the course of several weeks. This year’s sea turtle sculpture took them 300 hours!
They’ve been assembling epic snow sculptures for the past 4 years