This is a post about bras. If that makes you uncomfortable, please don’t read on.

Last night I discovered that the makers of my favourite bra ever, Panache, have launched a range of bras that range from a 36 to a 46" back size, I have to admit this is the first time I’ve heard of such a range and I was pretty excited, hovering somewhere between a 38 and a 40, Anything that gives me more of a choice is a good thing, right? Right. So I emailed Bravissimo to ask if they would be stocking the range any time soon so I could pop into the Leeds branch and try it for myself (because when it comes to bras I’d rather try before I buy and I hate buying them online unless I’ve bought it before).

I got a reply this morning, and I quote:

I am sorry to say that we have no current plans to stock the Sculptress range by Panache. The reason for this is that their back sizes start at a 36. As we stock back sizes from a 28 up to a 40, and our best selling sizes are 32’s and 34’s, we would be eliminating a lot of women with the Sculptress brand. We will of course keep an eye on the brand; they stock some gorgeous styles, so should they increase their size range it could be something we look into again in the future.

So to sum up. They won’t be stocking it because they’re biggest sellers are 32’s and 34’s and to stock it would exclude a lot of women. But to that I say, isn’t not stocking it excluding a lot of women? Isn’t it a bit like saying ‘sure you can have big boobs as long as you’re not fat?’ Yes, it would be nice if Panache extended the range to include 32’s and 34’s, but it would be nice if every bra company ever extended their range to include bigger cup and back sizes too. Realistically, is that ever going to happen? Probably not. And this new range by Panache is great because it’s a leading, fashionable, lingerie company catering for a much maligned customer base and perhaps if it’s successful other companies will follow suit.

I hope anyway. A girl can dream can’t she?

КОНКУРС: Истинските жени имат извивки!

Знаеш ли, че стандартните модели, които виждаш по списанията и на модния подиум, тежат средно с 23% по-малко от една средностатистическа жена? През последните години в модата се налага “естетиката” на суперслабите модели, като колкото по-слаби са, толкова по-успешни са те. Не е изненадващо, че супермодели от миналото, като  Синди Кроуфорд, биха се считали за пълнички според днешните стандарти за красота.

В световен мащаб отдавна вече е навлязла модата на по-женствените модели, като дори престижното американско ТВ състезание America’s Next Top Model се сдоби с пищна победителка. Става въпрос за Уитни Томпсън, която освен успешен модел и бизнес дама, е и лице на специалната колекция бельо Sculptresse, създадена за по-пищни жени, която е достъпна в България само в салон за бельо Bra Clinic.

Вдъхновени от разнообразието на женствените форми и от желанието ни да помогнем на всички жени да се чувстват красиви, независимо от размера им, ние от салон за бельо Bra Clinic започнахме конкурс под надслов „Истинските жени имат извивки“. Победителката в конкурса ще стане лице на марката и ще получи бельо, достатъчно за една година, както и награда от козметичния партньор на конкурса Clarins, а първите 5 жени ще участват в професионална фотосесия на списание Cosmopolitan. Всяка участничка пък ще получи подаръци от нас и от спонсорите, независимо до какъв етап от конкурса достигне.Всяка седмица пък някой от гласувалите за своята фаворитка, ще печели ваучер за 25 лв. от Bra Clinic. 

Както може би вече знаеш, ние сме eдинственият салон за бельо в България, който предлага професионална консултация за определяне на точния размер сутиен. Поставили сме си за цел да помогне на всички жени да заобичат себе си и тялото си. Ние в Bra Clinic вярваме, че няма жени с „нестандартни“ или „стандартни“ размери или форми и за това предлагаме бельо в размери с чашки от А до К и обиколки от 60 до 105 см. За нас е важно всяка наша клиентка да се почувства специална, красива и поне малко влюбена в себе си и извивките си.

Ревoлюционният за България конкурс ще подтикне дамите с извивки да се почувстват красиви и да влязат под светлината на прожекторите. Време е и в България да достигне идеята, че не е нужно да отговаряш на общоприетите стереотипи, за да изглеждаш и да се чувстваш добре в кожата си.

Как можеш да се включиш?

Качи свои снимки: една профилна и една в цял ръст по бельо или бански и сподели какво те е накарало да участваш в конкурса, какво харесваш в себе си и защо. Не забравяй, в случая самочувствието е най-важно: покажи на всички колко много се харесваш и вдъхнови хиляди други българки! За повече информация: 

"Lucy Becomes a Sculptress"

(S2;E15 ~ January 12, 1953) begins with Lucy looking through family albums. The snapshots shown (in insert shots) are actually Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as babies! 

About one of Ricky’s photos Lucy asks if they called him Fancy Pants, an inside reference to Lucy’s 1950 movie with Bob Hope. A fifth photo of Lucy’s great-grandfather, who Lucy says was was a great artist, is not real, but actually a staged photo of Lucy writer Bob Carroll Jr.

In reality Lucy’s four great-grandfathers were unlikely to be artists. On his mother’s side William C. Orcutt was a Civil War vet and spent the rest of his life in poor hospitals, while Reuben Hunt was a working class hotelier. On her father’s side not much is known about George Durrell, but Clinton Ball descended from landed gentry in England. Lucy often said that there was some Ball blood in George Washington since his mother’s maiden name was Mary Ball. But Clinton Ball was also strict Protestant Fundamentalist and forbade any of his six children to dance - so an affinity for the visual arts is unlikely.

This episode allows a very pregnant Lucy to show off her skill at facial expressions. It is ironic that the series also ends with Lucy as a human sculpture when she poses as the Westport minuteman statue. 

Lately, a statue of Lucy Ricardo in Jamestown, New York, has come under fire as bearing little resemblance to the star, but another in Palm Springs, California, where the Arnaz family had a second home for many years, has somehow escaped critique!



Meet Aquilus, everybody!

Aquilus is an ancient creature, one of the last remaining chimeras in the wild. Chimeras like him are naturally suspicious and will involve you in a tough guessing game to work out your true intentions, and to decide whether or not to let you pass.
They are cunning and use their ability to confuse you to test if you are a worthy opponent.

The Chimera kit only comes as a Garage Kit this time, which means there is some clean-up and minor drilling and repair work to be done before you can start assembly and painting.

As always, the kit will be $20 off during the pre-order. Once the pre-order closes, the regular made-to-order price will go up - so get yours while you can! ;)

The pre-order runs from May 17 to May 31.
• Production will begin on June 9 to allow for fresh resin to be delivered.
• Production time will be up to four weeks starting June 9; in case anything gets delayed I will let you know right away.

All orders will be processed in the order they were received.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form on my website:

I’m soooo excited!!! One of my dearest girls i have babyitting 18 years ago, is now an art student. She’s a sculptress but also a painter and she’s only nineteen. She’s just invited me at an exhibition of art at her school. An entire afternoon surrounded by pure art and inspiration. I’m so happy!!!
See you tonight, people!!!

View from new World Trade Center over to Brooklyn–I can also see my work building in lower Manhattan in the center of the frame. I plan on going up to the observatory this summer, I’ve been watching this building go up for the last decade. I had the opportunity to sign my name to one of the first steel beams placed in the ground. It was a gawd awfully cold December day in 2006–after family members and first responders signed, regular New Yorkers were invited to add their names and whatever messages they’d like to write. I signed for my family and friends who helped me get through those dark and frightening months after 9/11. I also scavenged some steel shavings from inside the beam that I serendipitously found in one the drill holes where bolts would eventually go. I kept part, sent some to a sculptress in Spain for a piece of art she was working on and sent a small box to my poetry/book arts professor and mentor. He was one of the first to message me after 9/11, also the first to visit me from home in 1999 when I first moved to NYC. Anyway, I’ve tried to take photos of the building’s progress and send them to everyone who’s name I signed. When I finally make it back up to the top, I’ve promised to make a whole book of the photos. It’s helped me keep time and focus while living in this big city. Finally, I’ll have the other bookend. ♥em



Set in the backyard of Astrid Noacks Atelier at Rådmandsgade 34, Copenhagen, Kultivator with students invited the residents of Nørrebro to take part in an event where people and animals come together to share a meal.

Concidering the sculptress Astrid Noack who lived and worked in her atelier in this backyard from 1936 to 1950 we wanted to celebrate her love for Nørrebro and its’ inhabitants in a current way by using only materials found in the neighnorhood. We also wanted to invite the locals to experience this hidden cultural gem before it withers away.

A week of hard work, sweat and frustration resulted in a beautiful experience where we picked up our guests with horse carriage and travelled to the backyard to eat food sculptures inspired by Astrid Noack with the horses. To our joy most of our guests were children who were very excited to see a horse eat a man made of hay.

A great success I would say!