Just briefly: Jamie Parker’s Mike Connor in High Society - he played it like the slightly disreputable, more than slightly seedy douche we all knew he was capable of*.


[There’s a] frequently misunderstood construction that linguists refer to as the “habitual be.” When speakers of standard American English hear the statement “He be reading,” they generally take it to mean “He is reading.” But that’s not what it means to a speaker of Black English, for whom “He is reading” refers to what the reader is doing at this moment. “He be reading” refers to what he does habitually, whether or not he’s doing it right now.

D'Jaris Coles, a doctoral student in the communication disorders department, and a member of the African-American English research team, gives the hypothetical example of Billy, a well-behaved kid who doesn’t usually get into fights. One day he encounters some special provocation and starts scuffling with a classmate in the school yard. “It would be correct to say that Billy fights,” Coles explains, “but he don’t be fighting.”

Janice Jackson, another team member who is also working on a Ph.D. in communication disorders, conducted an experiment using pictures of Sesame Street characters to test children’s comprehension of the “habitual be” construction. She showed the kids a picture in which Cookie Monster is sick in bed with no cookies while Elmo stands nearby eating cookies. When she asked, “Who be eating cookies?” white kids tended to point to Elmo while black kids chose Cookie Monster. “But,” Jackson relates, “when I asked, ‘Who is eating cookies?’ the black kids understood that it was Elmo and that it was not the same. That was an important piece of information.” Because those children had grown up with a language whose verb forms differentiate habitual action from currently occuring action (Gaelic also features such a distinction, in addition to a number of West African languages), they were able even at the age of five or six to distinguish between the two.


SYNERGY - African American English

The Sesame Street study is now a classic in “habitual be” research: here’s the article that it comes from (paywalled, but you can read the abstract and first few pages). 


Robert Bates is using the age old lie: I thought he was going for a gun

Bates said as he approached the scuffle, he thought he noticed Harris again reaching for his waistband. At this point, while two additional deputies were subduing Harris, Bates said he saw a “very brief opening” in which he could hit Harris with a Taser.

Bates noted “thinking I have to deploy it rapidly, as I still thought there was a strong possibility Harris had a gun on him.”

(pictured above: Eric Harris with his son, Aidan)


Today we added more to our patio garden, and yes, I snuck TWO photos of Ash (and our cute dachshund, Zeke) in there because they were both to cute to choose from!)  We assembled the pictured trellis ourselves with a drill and a bit of creative thinking.

We’ve had an eye on two particular patio chairs for over a month now, but put off buying them because they would have been about $40 and we’re trying to save.  So imagine my surprise when today I saw two of those exact patio chairs (in Ash’s favorite color) abandoned on the side of a busy freeway! We circled back and picked them up.  They’re practically in mint condition, give or take a few minor scuffles.  Woo!

Though body moves at instinct
And they say mind is our ultimate power
I constantly feel weak
At the dictums of my head

Revolving fast around the garden
Of thoughts, scuffling through the petals
When I want to offer you a rose,
Giving torned stem when I want to

Bear you a full living plant
Giving nothing but shorthand
Gestures of what was and
What could be

How can my mind make me
Wither, when I want to unfurl?
How can it let me wilt,
When I want to bloom?

On another night, you called my
Slow decay a beauty, a blooming
My struggling dryness, a mere situation
to witness

How can mind be the ultimate power
When its dictums lay lower
Of our bodily instincts
When it traps, and you, inhibit.

—  landskein

Scuffles have broken out in Baltimore and State Troopers are being sent in.


Quantum Alterations (2016 fanfilm)

An interstellar probe meant to research alternate universes ends up opening the doors for numerous fictional characters to converge on New York City and after scuffling with each other, take on a grander multiversal threat

Production started a while ago, but they’re seeking additional funds for puppet repair and effects enhancement.

So, the supposed “precursor box” went from Ezio to Shao Jun, then to Adewale, to Bastienne, to Mackandal, to Lawrence Washington, to Shay Cormac to Verendrye, then Charles Dorian, then Shay again, then Abstergo, finally to Cunningham and Schut, who left it behind after a scuffle from Sigma Team.

My question is….is Ubisoft going to incorporate it more? It seems so important and has gone from many hands, Templars and Assassins alike.

Will it ever fit into Juno’s plan?

So many mysteries with this box.

Biggest one, don’t know if it’s ever been explained….

How the hell did Ezio obtain it?

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"I have a paper due tomorrow and it's three am, I need all your coffee cause I ran out" college au [The Flash]

Rating: T

Pairing: WestAllen

Knock knock Barry casted an unbelieving look at his front door, tooth brush still in mouth. Who on earth would still knock at 3 a.m.?! He certainly must have imagined it. Knock knock knock or not. He scuffled towards the door, the knocking intensifying. Barry warily opened the door, half expecting someone to throw a cake into his face or something like that, after all, it wouldn’t be the first time some of his fellow students came up with the idea to prank him… And stared at the most gorgeous girl he’s ever seen.
“Hi, I need your coffee.” She declared matter-of-factly, impatiently rocking on the balls of her feet.
“Huh?” Was the most intelligible sound Barry could produce, utter confusion displayed on his face.
“Look,” she sighed heavily, “I have this paper due tomorrow and I really, really need to finish it or I’m in huge trouble…. But, to finish it, I really, really, REALLY need some coffee – and I drank all of mine so… –  Could you lend me some? And with some, I mean all of it – or at least everything you can spare… I really need it.” She gave him the most adorable puppy dog pout he’d ever seen (but was it just the dim lighting or were her pupils a bit very much dilated?). Anyway, he couldn’t turn her down (also, she seemed quite desperate and determined and he certainly wouldn’t be the one to put himself between a woman and apparent life-saving coffee), so he stepped aside and motioned for her to enter. She zipped right past him towards the tiny kitchenette, an eager look on her face.
Barry dumbfoundedly realized that he still had the toothbrush (and -paste) in his mouth and headed for the sink to spit out the toothpaste and rinse his mouth. His nightly guest stood there with folded arms, eyes fixated on his cupboard as if she could summon the tin of coffee by a simple stare. Considering the intensity of her glance, Barry wasn’t too sure that she couldn’t.
“Ehm, so,” he stuttered nervously, rubbing his neck with his free hand, while opening the cupboard with the other, “you are Iris, right? From the other end of the corridor?”
She finally teared her gaze off the cupboard and blinked several times like awakening from some kind of stupor. “Oh, yeah… I, I didn’t introduce myself, did I?” She blushed a little, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, “Sorry for that. I just don’t function very well without my caffeine and when no one down the hallway had opened their door – wait, did I just knock at everyone’s door in the middle of the night? – whatever, I was very desperate. It’s an important paper,” she added sheepishly, a small smile making its way unto her face.
“I can understand that. I’m known for being perpetually late,” Barry grinned, handing over his coffee can to Iris.
“Yeah, I know,” she laughed, clutching the can like it was a lifesaver.
Barry couldn’t help but blush a little. “Ehm… you can have all of it – I’m just gonna grab some coffee from Jitters tomorrow instead.”
Iris gave him a wide-eyed look, like he just sacrificed a leg for her. He felt a warm and fuzzy feeling in the pit of his stomach.
“But please promise me to drink a lot of water with that. We wouldn’t want you to dehydrate from over-caffeination, okay?” He urged, genuinely caring.
Iris nodded vigoriously, then, suddenly, wrapped her arms around his middle in a quick, but nearly bone-breaking hug and – with a muttered “thanks, I owe you one” – hurriedly left Barry’s place.
Barry still stood in the kitchen, completely flabbergasted.

The next day, around 4 p.m., just shortly after he had returned from his biochemistry lecture, Barry heard it again – knock knock. This time, the knocking was more tentative than last night. Barry opened the door and once again, Iris stood there, smiling up at him. She appeared much calmer than yesterday (and even more beautiful – however this was possible), hands behind her back.
“Hi,“ she said bashfully, chewing on her lower lip.
„Sooo… Ehm… I wanted to apologize for the stunt I pulled last night – I mean, it wasn’t really me, that was more like a zombie-version of me…“ she let out a nervous laugh. “But I wanted to thank you for the coffee – I never would have finished my paper without it. And,” she produced a brand-new coffee can from behind her back, “I’ve brought you something to refill your coffee stock.”
Barry accepted her gift with a wide smile, “you really didn’t have to-”
“Yes, I had to,” Iris insisted. “Without you, I wouldn’t have had enough java to last until my deadline, suffer through another lecture and finally enjoy the beauty that is six-hours of sleep… - I just woke up from coffee-coma,” Iris explained when she saw his confusion.
“Zombie-Iris wasn’t that bad, don’t worry,” Barry reassured her, grinning.
“Okay, good.” She beamed at him, relieved.
For a minute, they just stood there, smiling at each other.
Then, Iris eyed Barry with an unreadable expression on her face.
“Actually… I was just on my way to Jitters for one cup of coffee and something to eat,” she said carefully, “and I was wondering if you… would like to join me?
–  Only if you want to,” she added hastily, after seeing Barry’s eyes widen in surprise.
“Oh no – I mean, yes, yeah, I would like that,” he babbled excitedly, blushing.
Iris gave him another of her breathtaking smiles: “Great.”
“Let me just - “ Barry gestured to the coffee can still in his hand, hurrying inside to put it down and grab his jacket.
“Alright, let’s go,” he spluttered enthusiastically, grinning from ear to ear.
Iris couldn’t help but giggle at his overeagerness.
They were walking comfortably alongside one another, when Barry uttered: “Did you know that zombies exist in nature?”