saturdays a rugby day!!!!!!!!!

yeah you know what im talking about. nothing better than your first game of the season as the new a-side scrummie. Im pumped, especially because im only a freshman :D wont let a bad shouder keep me down. The goals to score 2 tris. one for my nana, and one for my girlfriend. the other goals to look for my options & look down field more. Stonehill college here i come!

Fuck, I miss rugby so much.

After being hurt for almost the entire spring season, I’m having mad withdraws. I need to play summer 7’s. There is no way around it. I kind of regret getting a cartilage piercing now since I’m scared of hitting it if I play rugby, but then I don’t. What I would do to have a scrum down (didn’t think I would ever say that). I know I can’t wait until September to play again and I need to get better before the fall season, especially since I couldn’t play much this last season. Should I just say fuck it and play? I think yes. Besides it can’t be that bad right? But then again it’s rugby. But then again, I fuckin love it.

  • mom:what are you laughing at now
  • me:oh my god, oh my god
  • me:scrummy pingus... oh god
  • me:scrummy pingus and the scrumbus dingus
  • mom:what
  • mom:what are these things you're laughing at all the time
  • mom:donkey kong grapes

"I thought a little scrummy something might cheer you up, love."

"Thambks Grambdhad."

I have been just itching to draw Teabiscuits again in a non-villainous setting. With the rain out and people getting sick and me probably going to go get a buttload of shots soon, I thought that’d be a good setting to draw these two in: “Teabiscuits works himself to death (again) taking care of Mumbles when he gets sick.” 

When someone in Teabiscuits’ family falls ill, but not gravely ill, is probably the only time you’ll see Teabiscuits act like a normal, empathetic individual who cares about someone other than himself—and probably the once-in-a-lifetime event when he actually takes time off from work and indulges a little in his haute-cuisine hobby. The soup is homemade, the sundae carefully constructed, the tea and cookies a homebrew and ancient recipe. Dinner later is hors d’ouvres of Moules à la crème Normande (mussels cooked with white wine, Normandy cider, garlic and cream); main entree is probably a roast, with roasted garlic and basalmic marinade and sauteed mushrooms, and a light dessert of clafoutis.

When someone gets sick, the kitchen becomes heavenly with the smell of fine cuisine as Teabiscuits spends most of his day in it. He knows when your nose is plugged up you can’t really smell or taste anything, but for him, it doesn’t really matter; it’s to show them he’s giving them the highest care possible.

Okaaaay, he just wants any excuse to spoil his family.

Ok, so I kind of fell in love with the War Doctor after being asked to write for him, and so I made him a tea, and it’s scrummy and warm and good. At times pensive, tinged with melancholy and an angry streak. Under the right circumstances, however, he is capable of great kindness and warmth, and a cracking sense of humour. This blend will help keep you centred even in the most difficult times. And here’s a $5 voucher code for fun: 8606226217