Kirk/Spock happened in TOS and the movies, but not only...

…it also happened in deleted scenes and in the scripts. I decided to make a “Best Of”. I didn’t add any analysis or comments… I’m sure you will  work it all out yourselves.

Here we go:

The City On The Edge Of Forever


Friday’s Child


Elaan of Troyius


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"In The Flesh" Scripts

Series 1

Episode 1 by Dominic Mitchell

Episode 2 by Dominic Mitchell

Episode 3 by Dominic Mitchell

Series 2

Episode 1 by Dominic Mitchell

Episode 2 by Dominic Mitchell

Episode 3 by Fintan Ryan & John Jackson

Episode 4 by Fintan Ryan

Episode 5 by Dominic Mitchell

Episode 6 by Dominic Mitchell

Everything We Know About...Scripts!


Are you tackling a writing project that isn’t a brand-spanking new novel during Camp NaNoWriMo? Good news! We’re compiling lists of everything we know about nonfiction, editing, and scripts. Check our cleverly scripted list of script resources below:


A couple of campers hunch over their laptops, frustration etched on their faces. They type out a sentence, but deletes it soon after. The process repeats itself. The campers groan, scratching the tops of their heads. They open up the NANOWRIMO BLOG, looking for resources to get their script started or to get them out of their script-writing rut.

Introduction to Scripts:

How to start your script:

How to format and structure your script:

Are you stuck? No worries!

Now you are on your way to crafting a great script. Good luck!

— Wendy


Colour Blockquotes Tutorial | Difficulty: Easy

Inspired by xkit’s color quotes [link] I decided to make a version for Tumblr blogs using jQuery. There are three slightly different versions, differing on the level of customisability, and thus difficulty.

The point of colours of random colours for nested blockquotes, other than how pretty they are? Visual accessibility. It makes it easier to follow information.

There’s 14 billion people in the world; how amazing would it be to get to know all of them, and to empathize with them so deeply that you could see the entire world the way they all see the world? Instead of our one subjective view of how we see reality, I could have 14 billion subjective views, and through that triangulation, really have almost a true objective view of reality.

Toughest Scene I Wrote: Spike Jonze on Her, in The Vulture.

The quote above is an earlier version of a line from Her, said by Samantha. It was cut: ‘too complicated’.