today was meh but i actually got up for class and then i went to get bubble tea and even wrote a little bit of my thesis, so definitely one of my better days.

Danny O’Donoghue to work with Ella Henderson

"O’Donoghue told BANG Showbiz, "We’re just recording with other acts at the moment. On the side of The Script we’re all songwriters and producers."I’ve got a writing session with Ella Henderson next month as well so I’m really looking forward to that, she’s an amazing vocalist."

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missus-e asked:

Hi! Sorry if you've already answered this, but I am DYING to know: how much of the script was supposed to be improv? Because so much of it seems improvised, and that gives the story such a genuine feel to the whole thing! Have the writers taken any improv classes? Also, how and where did you find such stellar actors to carry this stuff? Is New Zealand just a treasure trove of talent that flies under the Hollywood radar? You are all amazing, and you should be SO PROUD of the work you're doing!

Hi! This is answered on our FAQ page! :)

Us four Candle Wasters all have experience acting and have done improv.

We’re glad that the scripts were believable! And we are also very happy with the actors we got. They all had such a good understanding of their characters, and not only made our scripts come across realistically, but also could improv superbly well. Also go Sally for her awesome directing.