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"The woman in the photograph looks at us like she wants us to come closer. But we don’t. She teases us, almost like she’s daring us, but what is the dare? Is it to touch her? She looks like she knows we’re scared, but what’s so scary about this beautiful woman? What’s so scary about getting close to someone? Because we don’t quite know the answer to any of these questions, the photo haunts us"

Six Feet Under (2001 - 2005)you still remain one of the best television shows ever written.

sharkruffalo asked:

I'm wondering whether the words you're deciphering for us all (thanks, btw!) are ACTUALLY in the show, or if they're just screwing with us, you know? (like the plant. they're jerks.)

Hi! It’s not only me transcribing the script page - a lot of people sharing their ideas on this. I’m just trying to combine them.

From my personal point of view I don’t think that they are misleading us with this script page. They did bother to cover the personal contact details on the front page. So I don’t think they even realized that the first page could be seen through the front page. AND if part of the cast and crew didn’t notice that Sherlock’s shoulder is missing in the photo they are (re)tweeting… I cannot image that they saw the script transparency.

BUT it’s not possible to tell from the photo how long the script is. For a whole episode it should be about 50-70 pages. But perhaps these are only 10 pages. And they were actually misleading us in the way that this was a read through for a like 4 minutes minisode, which will air this Christmas or New Year(s Eve).

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Spock&Uhura +screenplay
In a City (joe's script)

RegularJOE (Director): “Here is the script I wrote and edited together based on some really beautiful writing and smart text curation that was contributed to our “In A City” collab.  I’m so happy and inspired by how this collaboration has been going — excited to take the next steps..”

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In a City

I like walking alone, when it’s quiet.

It stinks here in the morning.  It stinks here all the time.

But I like it.

The city and I share sips of the sun.

I keep walking, and the streets start getting crowded.

I make like I’m minding my own business.

But really I’m watching and listening.

I’m checking in, seeing where we’re at, me and everyone else.

We graze one another, like a razor on skin.

It’s our daily routine, and sometimes it comes to blood,

but not too often, not if you’re good at it. 

I can disappear for blocks at a time,

blending in with familiar strangers.

Upstream salmon, fighting the good fight.

And I can’t help but wonder if we’ll all be devoured one day.

They say in the end, all cities fall down.

My home city is not my home town.

She’s a vain, aging, boulevard star, under reconstruction.

And when the sun goes down, the electric lights glisten in our greedy eyes.

I follow the flicker from block to block.

You know it’s your city when, no matter where you’re headed, there are memories.

I catch myself searching for your face in a sea of faces that are always almost you, but never really you.

This is what they meant, all those painters, all those poets.

This is what they were trying to show me.

It’s us.

Swarming, seething, flailing, faces hard as stone.

Here we are then.  Together, alone.