Two useful FFVII script sites.

I use these sites for a quick and easy look at the original NA PSX game’s script:


Yinza’s is more user friendly in that it presents the script like you would more likely see it ingame, with branching path dialogue when appropriate.


This one is my preferred site because it caters more to the technical side of the game’s script. It shows hidden dialogue dummied out of the original game data. These dialogues are usually only accessible via something like a GameShark or a similar game hacking device.

No dream’s too big
And no victory too small.

Strawberry Shortcake’s “Silly Dreamer” song was and is my favourite song. If you have time; you can google the full lyric and listen to it. It might sounds weird but the whole song speaks to me in a way.

I used to listen to this song a lot. 7 years ago, I had best friends. As a teen we watched Strawberry Shortcake and stumble to the scene where Strawberry Shortcake down and her friends lift her up. It was kind of fitted to our situation.

The five of us stunned to silent till the song ended. We were on 11th grade on a small city you probably never heard of; about to face big decision (in our time) to choose uni for future study.

Being in a small city; you have no choice but move hundred kilometers out of hometown, at least, to find a good uni. That means leave everything and everyone you grew up with. We dreamt about going somewhere far. We all had big dreams to become somebody big. I think that was almost every small town person’s dream.

Eventually; only two of us (me and my friend) that made it to the big city- the capital city of my country that is on separated island. Some of us couldn’t make it because financial problem, family restriction and other. And the sad part is; I’m no longer in contact with some of them. But that’s another story.

Looking back; I am glad my dreams are big enough and mostly irrationally high- cause at least at the bright side; it brought me  here. Struggling still; but I made it this far. I ticked some of the goals; and I will make it that far, again. No dream’s too big and no victory too small. I just have so many goals; though some days don’t feel like it but so far it keeps me waking up with purpose.

Whoops sorry long rant. It’s just.. funny, the way a song brings back memories and also give hopes to keep going on. Like a friendly reminder.

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Love, eugeniaclara.

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  • Himawari:*comes home* Hi Papa! I had a REAL good day! Wanna hear about it? :3
  • Naruto:Oh that's so cute! Of course, princess, tell me about your day!
  • Himawari:K! Well, first I went to the flower shop and saw Inojin there! When he saw me, his cheeks got kinda pink and he gave me a sunflower because he knows they're my favorite!
  • Naruto:*smile droops* Did he now?
  • Himawari:Mhm! 8D And after that, I ran into Shikadai, and he said we should go sit somewhere together and just watch the clouds!
  • Naruto:*eye twitching* Really?
  • Himawari:Yep! And the last thing that happened was I went to see Lee-San, but his student said he was out for the day and offered to piggy-back me to get some curry with him! He piggy-backed me all day until I got tired and said I wanted to walk home to see what Mama made for supper.
  • Naruto:*entire body quivering and fists closed* Oh wow, sweetheart. That sounds...
  • Himawari:YEAH! 8D *kisses his cheek* Papa, I'mma go tell Mama about today. I'll help her with dinner, too!
  • Naruto:You do that, sunshine...
  • Bolt:*walks in with bruises, cuts, and out of breath* Dad, do you have ANY idea how boys are treating Himawari-Chan? I had to beat up three guys for trying to get all touchy-touchy with her!
  • Naruto:*stops shaking, and begins to cry tears of joy* OH BOLT!
  • Bolt:EHHH???? O.O
  • Naruto:*hugs him to him and won't let go* YOU'RE SUCH A GOOD KID, BOLT-CHAN, MY LI'L BURRITO. I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH *starts kissing all over his face*

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You may not harm a woman, a child, or any old person. Strike only those who have expelled you; who have stolen your rights; who have enriched themselves with your possessions.
—  The Prophet’s (ﷺ) Disciplines