kittenugget asked:

i was wondering how you got the opportunity to work in an animation studio? i'm an aspiring animator and i guess im looking for how you got your foot in the door?

Ah, I don’t think I’m the best person to answer this! I’ve only worked in 4 small animation projects to date (3 advertising, 1 music video), but it was always as a freelance designer/illustrator. I’m not an animator. But I regards to that last one, for Picnic Studio, I was actually found through Behance and I happened to fit the style they had in mind.

So as usual (and I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer), it looks like getting your work out there as much as possible is one way you could go.

Math by the Math Impaired.

Math has never been my strong suit.

The above is stated as a disclaimer considering that I likely now - as well as many times in the future - will commit several grievous mathematical errors.

Bearing in mind that I am terrible at math, I have recently performed a mathematical calculation that left me thrilled and uber stressed.

Scribble M is intended to be a YA novel, so the target word count is somewhere around 65,000 (give or take several thousand). Assuming that my projected 13 chapters holds true (it won’t), that comes to about 5,000 words per chapter. If, beginning the 1st of August, I can maintain a rate of 750 word per day (I won’t), I should have 45,000 words written by the end of the month (carrying in that which is previously written). Which puts me scant 20,000 words away from my target goal which, maintaining the same pace of 750 words per day, translates into a manuscript completion possibility of September 30th.

Which means I could FINISH the rough draft of this thing by September 30th.


As psyched and freaked out by this as I am, I’m still holding on to my original target date of 12/13/14. Not only because it is a day of awesome, but because there’s still the whole matter of my getting married to factor into my time table. I think wedding business will likely throw off my ability to deliver a consistent 750 words per day in the two months leading up to the ceremony.

But those numbers are seriously encouraging. I might actually be able to to this. I might actually be able to REVISE Scribble M by my target due date, never mind only finish the draft. HUZZAH!