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Kaidan doesn't have any flaws

Oh, nonny. 

I mean, I think it’s pretty clear which character I love most above all others. I’ve only written entire fics dedicated to him and screamed about my undying love for this little shit at the top of my lungs on a regular basis.

But doesn’t have any flaws? Let me tell you about Kaidan Alenko’s flaws.

He’s a judgemental little turd. EDI even calls him out on it in ME3 during the party. He has some strong opinions and forms flash judgments about the people he meets based on them. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t change his mind later, ‘cause he’s a grown man capable of admitting when he was wrong, but he doesn’t always renege on the things he’s said.

He lets his emotions get the better of him sometimes and shoves his foot so far down his mouth, it’s a miracle people don’t see his tail. While sometimes his propensity for not thinking before he speaks is endearing (re: Citadel ‘there’s no reason they wouldn’t like you’) it also lands him in hot water, re: Horizon. (Not saying he’s wrong, but his delivery left a little something to be desired - as did Shepard’s.)

He’s exceptionally stubborn. Not always a bad thing, but not always a good thing, either.

I’d say he’s also a bit vain, though this is more a personal interpretation. He certainly likes to be seen as fit and capable. He wants to know he could take Vega in a fist fight, ‘cause Vega is beefy mchuge in ME3. 

But I mean, these all make him the rich character that he is. Without flaws to balance out the wonderful parts of him, he wouldn’t feel real. That connection I feel to his character wouldn’t exist because a perfect person isn’t something any of us can really relate to. For all Miranda’s talk about her being engineered to be perfect, she’s far from it. Perfect characters aren’t interesting, don’t have anything to offer, and don’t have any room to grow. All the interesting things happen to them but not because of them. They don’t make mistakes or bad judgment calls. 

Kaidan Alenko absolutely has flaws, and it’s one of the reasons I love him so much.

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(prompt) That's way too much alcohol.

Shepard leaned against the counter and waved the bartender down, pushing her empty cup forward once she had his attention. No words. She didn’t feel like talking, and dark, seedy bars were great for that. No one expected her to provide conversation or answer questions, and right now she needed that.

She needed to be left alone. Shutting herself inside her cabin had apparently served as a beacon that she was open for personal business and her terminal kept beeping, her omni-tool buzzing, and none to few had actually ventured to her doors.

Being alone in a crowd had been the best option.

The bartender refilled her drink, with only a slight quirk of his mandibles. Judging, but silently. She could deal with that.

The next refill, he simply said, “Your funeral.”

She scowled but didn’t drink. Not right away. Passing out would bring her back to the ship, where there would be questions and things she didn’t want to deal with. Not yet. 

"Of all the places I’d have thought to look for you, I would never have guessed here."

Shepard didn’t turn as Kaidan sat down on the stool next to her. Still not sure what to say to him, how to welcome him back to her crew. How to address the three years worth of silence that had built up between them. Horizon. The coup. Where they stood. If they stood anywhere.

"I’ve only been here about thirty minutes, and you’ve been ‘out’ for three hours, but that’s your fifth drink."

She scowled at her glass. 

"Look, Shepard. You don’t want to talk? That’s fine. I’ll talk for the both of us. But this?" For emphasis, he confiscated her drink. "This is way too much."

He downed it in a smooth gulp as she finally met his eyes.

Her own burned with the desire to shed tears, but she stifled it away. Except Kaidan could see. He could always see.

It wasn’t even them. Well, a little bit them. But so much more. The war. The toll. The number of friends she’d have to bury before the Reapers were gone. Before they could claim victory standing on the ashes of the fallen.

Kaidan’s drill sergeant expression melted away as she continued to look at him, fighting her own inner war. “You don’t need the bottom of a bottle, Shepard. You need this.”

He pulled her into his arms.

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It's true, though. You are not only heterophobic, but hilariously delusional as well. Suck it up, bitch :)


oh dude, but that gif reminds me of this ficlet I’ve had sitting in my drafts for a while. Thanks for inspiring me to finish it!

Based off that one post where Derek was like, “Are you DTF. Down to fight,” and Scott was like, “That is not even remotely what that means.” I can’t find it again because I’m trash.



(established Derek/Scott. set in some nebulous future where no one died or moved to France lalala) 

Technically, it’s Isaac’s fault. 

So maybe he’s not paying a ton of attention when he sends the text. But in his defense, it’s not every day that Danny pops up out of the blue and propositions you in the locker room. 

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