I’m hopping on the bandwagon here. And it’s a good one I think, hence my hopping onto it.

It’s Thanksgiving here in America and I wanted to say a great big thank you to my friends in the Rumbelle fandom. I got into the show in February 2013 and by April was obsessed and had written my first fanfic. I saw Tumblr coming up a lot and started to keep a large list of Tumblrs to go check out everyday. And then I realized “this is ridiculous I should just join.” I have NEVER felt so welcomed in a fandom as I do the Rumbelle one. And it shows in my writing. Prior to this show I had written a handful of fanfics for a couple other fandoms. The most I had written was about 75k total for another fandom. You guys are INSPIRING. I’ve written almost 400k for this fandom and I’m still writing. I’ve never been this prolific and I owe it to you guys because you keep me wanting to write and keep me wanting to read.

I want to especially thank rumplegasm for being one of the first people to welcome me into the fandom. But also so many more awesome people I have met along the way. thatravenclawbitch, melissabosquez, riskpig, endangeredslug, charmedrumbelle, midstorm, standbyyourmantis, tinuviel-undomiel, shipperqueen93, repeatinglitanies the queen prompter of the universe who has inspired SO MANY of my fics, ripperblackstaff the queen smut prompter of the universe who you can all thank for Changing the Angle, woodelf68, scribbles-by-kate, emospritelet, @snafu-moofins, delintthedarkone, dekujin and SO MANY OTHERS. I know I’m forgetting half of the awesome people on here who I interact with and adore.

So to all I follow and all of my amazing followers, THANK YOU. You make my life better.