Artist Of The Day - Rhed Fawell

Collage based screenprints by Rhed Fawell will be on display at ELPs members exhibition at Embassy Tea Gallery opening tomorrow! 

East London Printmakers @ Embassy Tea Gallery

Embassy Tea Gallery, 195-205 Union Street, London SE1 0LN

17th – 28th September 10.30 – 6pm
16th September – Private View 6.30 – 9.30pm
26th September – South London Art Map 10.30am – 9.30pm


excited to finally release SOFTLY, the collaboration i did with my partner boston!

as a queer couple we wanted to make clothes that we could both wear. together we used our illustrations to make a print (featuring plants, knives, skulls, and plenty of mystical smoke) 

each of the items are hand screen printed and sewn by us. 

they are available for presale on our ONLINE STORE

we are only making 5 of the shirts and shorts, and 10 of the bags! so snap them up quick!

Watch on nirazilla.tumblr.com

The Black Keys - 09.[16/17/18].2014. by Miles Tsang / Tumblr / Process / Purchase

Available as one of a pair of two 18” x 24” 5 colour screenprints. (4-colour CMYK daylight, 1 glow in the dark) S/N edition[s] of 300 (75 through the artist online) through my shop.


MONDO*CON September 20-21 2014
10am-6pm both days
(more info here http://mondo-con.com/ )

Ok, here’s all my info for the very first MondoCon!

Location: I’m in DITKO HALL, table B19 (see diagram above - click on the image for larger view).

Convention Sketches
Yes, I will be doing what I call mini-commissions at the show. I can’t do any prior to the show due to deadlines.
The commissions will be 9x12 Bristol, single-figure, some background, done with pencils, inks and washes, and will cost $300. Busts/headshot might cost less - please inquiry at show.
Since they require time, I am planning to do only 6 commissions a day (Sat and Sun). It’s done first-come, first-serve, so just come see me early to get on the list. I will do a new list every day. I take cash or credit card (assuming this iPad gizmo works).
You can see above a sample (Swamp Thing) of a 9x12 full figure, fully inked mini-commission.

I will have two limited prints exclusive for this show, one at my table B19 and one at the Mondo booth.

13x19” limited giclee print. Run of 100. $50 each.
Available at my table. This print is a collaboration with comic legend and dear firend Berni Wrightson, who is also attending the show. It’s your chance to get the print signed by both me and Berni.

24x36” screen print. Run of 275.
This is the Mondo print that is gonna be released at the show. As with all Mondo prints, this will be available exclusively at the Mondo booth.

Other Prints: I won’t have a large variety of prints with me. I’ll definitely have some Black Beetle and Afterlife prints and you can see above the other very limited (some not more than 3) prints I will have with me.
Art prints are archival ink on archival 13”x19” paper, bagged and boarded, and are $40 each.

THE BLACK BEETLE t-shirts (see above) will be live screenprinted at the show by Industry Print SHop (see diagram above for location).

I will sign books and prints for free and will have a little donation bucket for a charity of my choice: if you like to donate a buck or two that would be greatly appreciated!

Signing time is the last 10 minutes of each hour (i.e., 10.50 to 11 am, 11.50 to 12pm, etc.)
If you have a lot of books and there’s a long line, I may ask you to let me do it in batches just to be considerate to others.

For STOP&CHAT and handshakes, pls feel free to stop anytime, as long I am at the table ;)

See you guys there!


New Long Fox prints! These will be available at Shake Bristol tomorrow 12-6 at Start the Bus along with a whole lot of other cool shit. Printed by me at @whiteduck and very limited. All signed and numbered. #illustration #art #screenprint #screenprinted #print #prints #longfox #whiteduck #kraken #octopus #ship #thematthew #mandala #whale #sunset