The Iron Maiden by Adrienne Rozzi // POISON APPLE PRINTSHOP

Limited Edition of 20.

A maiden stands expressionless waiting to wrap her victim in her lethal embrace. Her stern demeanor and hollow gaze offer no remorse for those who find themselves her unlucky sufferer. When put inside the maiden’s empty body a victim is pierced by hundreds of iron spikes. Each one skewers only deep enough to inflict pain but never enough to kill. Death is prolonged as the unfortunate sufferer can not move but dies a truly torturous slow death from loss of blood and excruciating pain. Poppies pour forth from the empty chasm of her barbed interior as an ominous symbol of blood and death. The Iron Maiden is a historical torture device often made of wood and iron. It is a common misconception that this weapon dates back to the Middle Ages but in actuality was invented around 1800 as a crude object intended for commercial exhibition.  The Iron Maiden is original artwork, hand drawn and printed by artist Adrienne Rozzi.


Artist Of The Day - Rhed Fawell

Collage based screenprints by Rhed Fawell will be on display at ELPs members exhibition at Embassy Tea Gallery opening tomorrow! 

East London Printmakers @ Embassy Tea Gallery

Embassy Tea Gallery, 195-205 Union Street, London SE1 0LN

17th – 28th September 10.30 – 6pm
16th September – Private View 6.30 – 9.30pm
26th September – South London Art Map 10.30am – 9.30pm


excited to finally release SOFTLY, the collaboration i did with my partner boston!

as a queer couple we wanted to make clothes that we could both wear. together we used our illustrations to make a print (featuring plants, knives, skulls, and plenty of mystical smoke) 

each of the items are hand screen printed and sewn by us. 

they are available for presale on our ONLINE STORE

we are only making 5 of the shirts and shorts, and 10 of the bags! so snap them up quick!

MONDO Poster Art by Francesco Francavilla
24x36” Screenprint - Edition of 275

and I can finally reveal my Mondo poster that will be released at MondoCon this weekend: AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE!

Cannot express how proud and happy it makes me that the two books that have defined my comic career in the last couple of years, The Black Beetle and Afterlife With Archie, have both got a Mondo poster treatment, even if there is no movie or anything attached to them (I still hope though ;))

The screenprint will be released at the show but if you miss to buy it from Mondo I should be getting APs as usual :)


New Long Fox prints! These will be available at Shake Bristol tomorrow 12-6 at Start the Bus along with a whole lot of other cool shit. Printed by me at @whiteduck and very limited. All signed and numbered. #illustration #art #screenprint #screenprinted #print #prints #longfox #whiteduck #kraken #octopus #ship #thematthew #mandala #whale #sunset