Just completed my latest carousel book. All silkscreen printed, cut , glued and bound by hand. It takes me 2.5 hours to build one book, and I printed enough pages for 30 books, so I’ve got a lot of work to do.

The subject is black and white ruffed lemurs and habitat loss. The pop-up nature of the book makes it hard to see the background, but I assure you I drew a fire and burned out trees.

I’m excited to finally show you guys the new San Diego Comic Con exclusive ASSASSIN’S CREED poster by Angry Blue and myself!

It’s being released this weekend, in tandem with the release of the animated short directed by Rob Zombie, with artwork by yours truly, finished by AngryBlue, and color by John Rauch, presented by New Science & Ubisoft.

The image features the game’s lead character, Arno, in a stained glass window composed of images from the actual animated short.

The print is an 18 x 24”, 3-color silkscreen print on natural toned paper, with a clear gloss overlay containing metallic flake, and is signed by both artists. The print is limited to a run of 700 copies total. 500 will be given away at San Diego Comic Con 2014. After the show, AngryBlue and I each will have 100 available on our respective websites.