Freyja is the Norse Goddess associated with sexuality, beauty, love, fertility, war and death. She has many titles, one of them being “Queen of Cats.” Often she is depicted riding her chariot drawn by cats and being totally badass. So all cat ladies unite, and praise the beautiful original cat lady by wearing her image upon your breast (or anywhere upon your clothing).

Back patch!

Design also available on tanks and tshirts at Cat Coven

NEW art fresh off the press…

Santa Carla

This is another screenprinted art print where I’m trying to be more “painterly” with my inks…adding transparent base to all my inks so when layered creates additional colors…sometimes unplanned.

Now available in our ETSY SHOP!

Poster Details:
4 color screenprint
16″x 20″
Edition of 40

This is also a piece made for the upcoming group show…

The Lexington Guild of Printmakers Exhibit

The Bread Box Studio Artists are hosting the Lexington Guild of Printmakers as they assemble The First Annual Members’ Exhibition. This will showcase a variety of work—from some of the iconic printmakers in Lexington to the newest kids on the block—and everything in between.

Come and check out some prints, meet some local printmakers and enjoy Lexington’s growing art scene!

Opening Reception: May 8th from 6-10 p.m.

The exhibition will also be open the following Friday for Gallery Hop: May 15th from 5-8 p.m.

etsyfindoftheday 3 | 4.22.15

rainbow screen-printed kurt vonnegut quote by amandamorante

SCIENCE!! i love the creativity in this hand-carved linoleum block print … the kurt vonnegut quote in a rad rainbow gradient is just the beginning.

‘science is magic that works’ - kurt vonnegut