The Rundown Job- Leverage Marathon

This is season five episode nine. This is the one where OT3 becomes cannon. I mean, not that it wasn’t before, but now its acknowledged by everyone. They all do their thing but there’s an added sexiness to it now. Why didn’t we get a spin off from this episode? Everything was so perfect. Okay so you know the drill. Sit yo ass down and watch it. Then bring yo ass to tumblr and post it (it being your feelings/thought/comments). That is all.

For those of you not blessed with the hard copy seasons of Leverage here is a helpful link: You stole a Michelangelo with tin foil and chewing gum! Figure it out!

If you don’t like those options try searching google like so: watch leverage The Rundown Job online

You’ll also find it on Hulu and Netflix.

anonymous said:

from the tv show leverage, eliot spencer was a trans guy and then detransitioned and is some sort of nonbinary gender but he doesnt think about it a lot because it stresses him out. hes biromantic/leaning homoromantic and ace. alec hardison is some sort of cyberpunk gender and platoniromantic/ace. parker doesnt want gender she wants money. shes also acearo and Doesnt Care

okay but real talk alec hardison is probably the smartest person i’ve ever seen on a tv show and he is so genuinely kind/empathetic and emotionally intelligent and appreciative of other types of intelligence and was a foster kid and what i’m saying is alec hardison is literally one of the most valuable and incredible characters on television. actually i don’t know where i was going i just really love alec hardison, 24 yr old genius with a smartphone and a problem with authority G o OD BYE