So I said goodbye to one of my best friends in the world last night. Not for good, but she’s going to be in Japan for at least until next Christmas (and that’s probably just a visit). I’ve cried so much. She means everything to me and we have so many things in common that I don’t share with many other people. I’m always so happy to be with her, and there’s never a dull moment. Over the last 8 years of knowing her, she’s taught me so much about being myself and not a giving a shit what anyone else thinks. I’ve always looked up to her in so many ways, but I am more glad than anyone that she’s following her dream overseas. Do it for the both of us screamingkannon~

Who says opposites never get along?

My best friend and I are as opposite as we can get. She is the Nana to my Hachi. 

She loves Jrock. I love Kpop.

She dresses punk/rocker style. I dress a few shades short of girly. 

She prefers the term “fuck.” I prefer “make love." 

She enjoys drinking. I don’t drink as much.

She’s deathly afraid of nature. I love nature to bits. 

She can talk to people (more) easily. I can’t say a word. 

But you know what? Despite all these differences, she’s the first person I’d call if I was in trouble. I love hanging out with her and being around her. Some people call her intimidating; I call her a scaredy midget. She’s got mood swings that will give you whiplash, she has an eye twitch, and she’s the definition of anger, but I love every bit of her and I wouldn’t change her for the world because I’ve got just as many problems (if not more) as she does, and she accepts me with every single one of them. 

I <3 you midget!

(Yes, I know you’re going to read this, and yes, I’m being cruel and trying to make you cry….You love me, damn it.)

screamingkannon said: Save it for until you finish the game! :D


Ughhh I want to but I’m stuck at this frustratingly hard part and I really need to try it again since I haven’t in months.  Especially since the 3rd one comes out in a month.


DIRUX:Why hello there. Just wanted to drop by to say that I really like your blog and love your choice in music. ~ Ahh Mika Nakashima’s voice is simply heavenly. n - n

Hello! Thank you! ^__^ This is so nice, I really enjoy getting messages like this. I am really flattered! Thank you so much!


You’re quite welcome! ^^ how might you be doing today?

screamingkannon replied to your post: Writing: Dystopian WIP

I want more! Please write more!

Lol okay. I didn’t think it was that awesome but I will write more. Writing comes in extreme bursts of creativity to for me. I even get a mini migraine from it XD No one has names. I dunno if i want to reveal the name of the female protagonist but if I did do you have any names you like? Female or male names. Women with traditionally male names are awesome.