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driftingfeline asked:

five facts 18 and 20 :D

18. Five facts about your town.

  • There’s a tree. Well, there are two trees. One is an apple tree that naturalized up on the hills, grown from an apple discarded more than fifty years ago. It has scarred red bark and is hardly taller than I am, bent from the high winds roaring down the canyon. The fruit is bitter and small and very good. The other is a willow that probably predates European settlement. It is so big that standing under it is like being at the center of the world.
  • Once I stood on a bridge and kissed a boy under the stars, just to see what it would be like. I can smell the cooling metal of the bridge railing under my hand, still hot from the May afternoon we’d left behind.
  • In the spring, there are ghost-blue irises that smell like grapes. They spring up out of nowhere, out of the hardpacked red eroded hillsides, some kind of strange transplant from another place.
  • The irises grow in the cemetery, between the old cracked headstones and the shiny new ones. “Jane Doe, April 1954,” one says. There’s nobody there except the magpies.
  • There are people building gods in the creek. They have always done it, but it started only a few years ago. They stand faceless and stern in their judgement, until the river laughs and knocks them down.

20. Facts about motel-chronicler

  • Can speak Russian, does an acceptable Russian accent, might actually be a communist (but who isn’t, tbh)
  • Caretaker of the finest cat on the West Coast
  • Liked Tamora Pierce before it was cool
  • One time watched the (terrible!!) Mists of Avalon movie with me, it was amazing, why did we do that. I definitely read the! entire! book after, it was a formative experience
  • Literal punk rocker & probable punk-rock theorist

this is the only obv reason right