Monster High Cards. Basic Part 4

by tanaka_joker on flickr

  • # 1-21 Scarah Screams. Basic
  • # 1-22 Hoodude Voodoo. Basic
  • # 1-23 Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. Basic
  • # 1-24 Jane Boolittle. Basic
  • # 1-25 Catty Noir. Basic
  • # 1-26 Casta Fierce. Basic
  • # 1-27 Iris Clops. Basic
  • # 1-28 Manny Taur. Basic

the-fourteenth-dwarf asked:

1, 3, 4, 16 :)

1:(truth) Who was your first major celebrity crush? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle and post the first five songs.

1. Fucking Perfect - P!nk

2. Gone Forever - Three Days Grace

3. Stutter - Marianas Trench

4. Kiss N Tell - Ke$ha

5. Wanted - Vanessa Carlton

3:(truth) What are your three favorite things about your appearance? (dare) List all nine of your tumblr crushes, and describe each blog/blogger in one word.

Dare! Oh my god it is so hard to keep this to one word. One word can’t do all these fantastic blogs/bloggers justice.

notsoevilpepsi - BFF
thatsthat24 - Brilliance
the-fourteenth-dwarf - Affable
screaming-toe - Entertaining
solaspls - Perf
femharel - Flawless
twilight-freya - Relatable
hurricaneginger - Hilarious
breelandwalker - knowledgeable

4:(truth) What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? (dare) Post the oldest selfie on your camera roll.

Hmm…. the nicest thing I can think of off the top of my head is the two times different friends allowed me to accompany them on vacation (apparently I’m a great travel buddy). Once to Jamaica and once to New Orleans - now two of my favourite places in the world for mostly free. Just had to pay for food/airfare. It allowed me to see parts of the world I probably never would’ve gotten the chance to go otherwise. But mostly I was just extremely flattered that they’d want me to come along.

16:(truth) What is your dream job? (dare) Post the four most recent pictures in your camera roll.

Hmmm, my dream job… not really sure what my dream job would be but currently (thanks to watching so much damn Ghost Adventures last night) I would LOVE to have a show on Travel Channel or something that involved me and a couple of friends going around the world and respectfully doing spirit work/communicating with spirits in haunted places while also educating people on the awesome mythological lore and history of places all over the world. It’d be like a mix between Destination Truth, Departures and Ghost Adventures. In my mind it would be awesome and totally not lame at all — except I would make a terrible host. So I would be the co-star. XD