Album of the Week # 7: + (Deluxe Edition) - Ed Sheeran

Background/General Thoughts

Three-hundred and twelve. That’s the number to success. Well, in Ed Sheeran’s case, that and years of practice. Three-hundred and twelve is the number of gigs he played in 2009 on his way to stardom.

He said that he read an interview with James Morrison that said that Morrison had done 200 gigs in a year, and Sheeran wanted to beat him on this number -Wiki

After buying a ticket to L.A., with practically no contacts at all, he played open mics and poetry nights. One of those in which Jamie Foxx happened to be present. Highly impressed, Foxx invited him to his home and record. In addition, his following grew to great heights via Youtube. And for good reason, he’s quite unique. Kind of a jack-of-all-trades.

Ed Sheeran’s sound is quite versatile. Mixtures of acoustic, folk, pop rock, hip hop, and beatboxing all mesh and blend into a sound I find quite refreshing. He has a sound that reminds me of an early “tongue-twisting lyrical” Jason Mraz with the soulfulness of James Morrison with a freestyler’s delivery. There are plenty of interesting tones and textures and for this 21 year-old to find a sound so unique is simply astounding. The kid is a wiz in the production booth, too! Furthermore, this is an album rather broad and interesting themes. Let’s jump into them, shall we?

Track by Track Thoughts:

1) The A Team - First track on the album and hands down my favorite. This is such a beautiful and melancholy tale of a drug addicted prostitute. The story will make  your heart sink. Being apart of this “Class A Team” (which from my understanding indicates that she is one of the “better” prostitutes) and wanting more from her life, she desperately seeks something better but sadly “it’s too cold outside for [this] angel to fly.” The brilliance in this incredibly dark and dreadfully themed track is Sheeran’s ability provide a delicateness that is infectious. Whether it’s through the simple guitar riff or his tone, it’s the commitment to atmosphere what makes this track so charming and an instant sing-a-long track. This is an ability of Sheeran immediately becomes apparent throughout +.

2) Drunk - This track appeals to a very common theme in heartbroken reminiscing. It’s immediately clear in the 1st verse that the guy’s flaw in this relationship was his inability to change. Thus, looking back on the whole situation he only wishes to feel drunk for its sense of numbness. From a musical perspective, Sheeran’s lyrical delivery is quite precise and quick. It’s very much like that of UK hip hop artists such as Example. I find this to be a very enjoyable track because it’s approachable and its hip hop-infused moments. Oh, did I mention that there is a dubstep remix as well?

3) U.N.I. - This track is interesting. There is an incredible amount of clever wordplay. Most obviously, is the reference U-N-I, from my understanding is a British term for university (which is equivalent to college for us stateside). Thus, this relationship in this track ended because priorities. It’s a common theme that most people experience so I commend Sheeran for approaching it in his own unique way. Speaking of unique way, let me say this song has a rapid-fire flow that would make speed-demon rappers like Twista or Busta Rhymes proud. I really like the slow tempo/fast lyric juxtaposition that Sheeran creates here.

4) Grade 8 - This is one of the more upbeat tracks on the album. Drawing on themes of flirtation and young love, this song comes off as very club friendly. Beside that, I think it serves as a palette cleanser preparing you what what’s next.

5) Wake Me Up - This is the most delicate track on the album. At its very core, this is a song of contemplation. Sheeran excellently articulates the silver lining of a what seems to be far from perfect relationship. The completely striped down and minimal instrumentation is a very bold move. The bare and still moments of silence and Sheeran’s conversational tone make this the kind of track suitable for emulation but never truly imitated by anyone else.

6) Small Bump - Whoa. That was really the first thought in my head after listening to this song for first time. This is a song about the hopes and expectations of an upcoming birth of a newborn. However, just when you approach the end, all it takes is 2 lines

You’re just a small bump unborn…four months then torn from life
Maybe you were needed up there but we’re still unaware of why

and you are left distraught. Sheeran has said in interviews that this song was based on one of his friends losing their unborn child. Beautifully and emotionally, Sheeran once again develops a lyrical structure that you think you have figured out but then flips it on its side and you’re left in awe.

7) This - This short track is your usual acoustic love ballad. While I do think it’s a very sweet and solid ballad, nothing really sticks out to me. In no way does that mean it’s a bad song, it’s just not an interesting song in my opinion.

8) The City - First off, let me just say that the beatboxing on this song is pretty rad. Hardly anyone beatboxes in studio anymore, and to be so crisp doing it takes great skill. This uptempo song is really about trying to fit in a new environment but ultimately realizing that maybe it’s just not you. Perhaps this move was done out of angst as “What I do isn’t up to you” indicates. Furthermore, it is clearly stated that “This is not my home” after 2 choruses of the opposite. Once again, Sheeran keeps the listener guessing.

9) Lego House - This song in its simplest interpretation is the classic “I screwed up, I want you back” song. However, in a far more elegant and sophisticated way, Sheeran elaborates using a melodic progression with tongue-twister quirkiness. I believe this song is the current single for this album. Solid choice.

10) You Need Me, I Don’t Need You - This song is for the haters. The lyrics are rapid-fire and incredibly sharp. Ed Sheeran does music in own way and this song silents anyone who thinks otherwise. Honestly, I didn’t expect a song like this. Prior this track, the album took on a chill feel and have this “in your face” kind of track is definitely interesting.

11) Kiss Me - This wonderfully written love ballad articulate a man’s lingering doubt of his ability to fully love. Questions of self-doubt are heavily abundant. There are beautiful images of his love caring and nurturing though. A new musically element appears on this track: a swooning guitar solo. It’s a solid track.

12) Give Me Love - Oh wow. The length of this track is probably the most noticeable aspect of this song. Now, I truly expect that if a song is six minutes or longer, that it better take me on a journey of unique sounds. This surely does not disappoint. The choral breakdown around the 4:30 mark is superb. Then, the song takes a 40 second transition to a very chilling and elegant vocal sequence. It’s very somber and gentle at best. The album is wrapping up and you know it at this point. To end off the album in this fashion is a pretty bold move.

*There are 4 extra bonus tracks on the deluxe version but I will let you listen to those and let you form your opinion :) I find them to be pretty superb though!*

Rating: 5 out of 5; This is probably the best album I have heard thus far this year. It is an incredibly satisfying listen. Its depth and breadth of lyrical themes is just master class. There will be a song on here for everyone to love. A bit too mellow at times, I feel that Sheeran’s cleverness and musical awareness more than make it up for it by provide interesting wordplay and sounds. I can see why he’s such a sensation in England. It’s only a matter of time before he hits it big in the U.S.

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aww how was that show?


Neglecting studying was the best decision (at this moment) that I made. We’ll see how I feel after taking the test tomorrow, I suppose. 

Grouplove and Young the Giant seemed to be a pretty even match when it came to fandom. Mostly everyone knew the majority of the songs. 

Also finally got over that whole ‘going to concerts solo’ thing. I don’t know what this weenie was so afraid of.

Album of the Week #11: channel ORANGE - Frank Ocean

Background/General Thoughts

“It succinctly defines me as an artist for where I am right now and that was the aim. It’s about the stories. If I write 14 stories that I love, then the next step is to get the environment of music around it to best envelop the story and all kinds of sonic goodness.” - Frank Ocean via interview with

I’m going to start this review with the fact that before listening to this album, I practically knew nothing of Frank Ocean. There were bits and pieces I understood from a few singles, his New Orleans roots, and his involvement in Odd Future. However, as this album released a week early via iTunes, the buzz was electric. The number of requests for me to review this record was high and my interest in learning about this artist was just as high. Before I began listening to this record, I asked a friend of mine, his name is Chandler, and a Frank Ocean enthusiast to sum up Frank Ocean in a little paragraph. Well, this little paragraph ended up being a pretty decent paragraph but there was one was a certain part that stuck with mine and really served as an exception to look for in channel ORANGE.

What it boils down to in the end is the pure passion, substance, and emotion that you feel in his music. Not only does he write every one of his songs based on anecdotes, but he also includes extremely complex chord progressions, something that you don’t often see in mainstream music in general - Chandler

*You can read his full statement HERE if you’d like*

That certainly goes to say that this record has received critical acclaim and strong reviews from those I’ve read. 

In light of all of that, I think it’s about time to start diving into the tracks. Shall we?

Track by Track Thoughts:

1) Start - From the first track, you already know that this album is attempting to be different. While listening to this intro once may leave you intrigued or baffled, it may take a couple complete listens to understand the ebb and flow of this album. This 46 second snippet is an introduction to the listener, a nontraditional and unconventional one at that. From the different samples and sounds presented to us, such as the subway, text message notifications, and the original Playstation start-up noise, you know that Frank Ocean is a part of an urban generation, a 90s kid, much like the majority of his listeners. I love this intro just because of its nostalgic factor and it definitely fits the mold of start in an interesting way.

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Album of the Week #12: Gossamer - Passion Pit

Background/General Thoughts

Gossamer [goss-uh-mer] - (n.) an extremely delicate variety of gauze, used especially for veils. -

This is an interesting title for Passion Pit’s sophomore album. However, after many listens, its title does seem quite fitting. As a follow up to their smash record Manners, frontman Michael Angelakos, true to form, gives the long time Passion Pit fan what they have yearned for: a highly diverse and sonically rich atmospherics coupled with some rather splendid baby-voiced falsetto. On top of that, there is a lingering delicateness that gives the record a different feel.  Let’s dive into the tracks!

Track by Track Thoughts:

1) Take A Walk - In my opinion, I think this track sums the sound of Passion Pit’s last record Manners. The whimsical and fantasy-esque fanfare to begin the track is vintage PP. It comes off to me as very classical and sovereign. Along with the strong march tempo, this track turns into an immediate foot tapper. Lyrically, this song speaks of falling in love during a time of economic ruin. One could see each of the verses representing the thoughts of the lower, middle, and upper class, respectively. Beyond that, I feel this track is a strong beginning to the record.

2) I’ll Be Alright -This track brings it upon itself to utilize some interesting and different sounds. The instrumentation is quite slick and it’s 8-bit aspect reminds me of a Chiddy Bang beat (there are some interesting connections between the two artists musically now that I think about it). As far as sticking to the theme of relationships, this track talks about trust but also, freedom and its role in a relationship.

You should go if you want to/Yeah go if you want to

I won’t let you go unless/I’ll be alright

This track’s composition comes across as very busy, but in a good way. There are different layers to notice with each listen. That will be a recurring element throughout Gossamer.

3) Carried Away - I find it very difficult not to dance to this song. It’s electro vibes and jazzy elements give it a disco feel. Behind the happy background though, there is a picture of a common occurrence in relationships: getting too carried away; overcommitment; refusal to say no; etc.

4) Constant Conversations -I have two favorite tracks on this album. This track is one of them. I love how this song is just so different from the other tracks. There is a heavy R&B vibe that just sounds so neat. The sounds and the utilization of space hasn’t really changed but it’s the approach that flips this track on its head and it makes it so noteworthy. Micheal Angelakos voice is so soulful and unrestrained. The addition of the choral harmonies just make it musical ear candy as well.

5) Mirrored Sea -This track is one of the more upbeat on Gossamer. Its plethora of synthesizer sounds incessantly pound away throughout the track. I’m really not a big fan of this song mainly because I find it really harsh. There are also moments where I feel Angelakos is drowned out by the busy tempo. The way the bridge builds up is quite interesting though.

6) Cry Like A Ghost - I love the funky groove on this track. The bass line complements the falsetto flourishes excellently. Lyrically, Angelakos reminiscences upon a relationship caught in a vicious cycle. Furthermore, his voice comes across as endearingly heartsick and one is left to wonder if they should feel bad or indifferent because this situation is of his own doing.

7) On My Way - Interestingly enough, this track is the most organic in terms of instrumentation. Opting to utilize wind instruments and orchestral flourishes, there is a majestic aspect to this track. On My Way serves as a love letter to Micheal Angelakos’ fiancee and its intent comes across rather easily. The simple refrain and swooning lyrics work well.

8) Hideaway - The first thing you’ll notice about this track is the intro. If you listen carefully enough you will realize that beneath the static and haziness, the chorus is there. It’s neat because it serves as a flash forward within the track. Hideaway is a track that moves quite well and you’ll probably be surprised how quick it is. At its core, this song is about being patient and picking your battles in a relationship.

9) Two Veils To Hide My Face - This 30 second snippet leaves me a little bit confused. I do like the autotuned nature of it and it is done in a style very similar to Imogen Heap’s song Hide and Seek. However, I don’t really understand it’s purpose at this point. With the very few lyrics offered, there could be multiple interpretations buried beneath its beautiful imagery.

10) Love Is Greed - There is a very quirky sense of irony in this song. With its frilly and fairy-tale like introduction, you expect a sappy and cutesy love ballad. However, Angelakos flips it on its head by proposing that love is inherently selfish.

Don’t wanna love, don’t wanna hurt
If all that loneliness requires
Is just another’s comfort

It is such a cheeky track.

11) It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy - This is the second of my two favorite tracks from Gossamer. I love the way this songs builds. It starts off as a whisper and ends upon a roar. This track just holds a powerful message of doing the best you can with what you have. From Angelakos’ point of view, happiness is about acceptance rather perfection. And that in itself is quite memorable.

12) Where We Belong - On the final track of Gossamer, it examines how one can be spun out of control without the care and watchful eye of a loved one. The instrumentation is turned up one final notch as the album reaches its end. The final 30 seconds of this track serves as a final full release of sonic elements. I compare it to the grand finale of a fireworks display. It is a very well crafted ending.

Rating: 4 out of 5; At its very core, Gossamer is a rich record composed of R&B elements and beautiful atmospherics. It is more diverse that Manners was in terms of lyrical context and execution. Most importantly, I think this record showcases a more sustained and introspective Michael Angelakos. Gossamer is Angelakos exposed in a way that is more decipherable than that of Manners. My biggest criticism is that the middle section of tracks seems to muddle together due to what I feel to be moments of nervy melody. If you are a fan of the previous record, you will find this record a satisfying listen. However, for newer listeners, you might find yourself listening to some tracks over others.

Album of the Week #9: Strange Clouds - B.o.B.

Background/General Thoughts

It’s a more mature sound but nothing too experimental. It’s a happy medium between the sound of “B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray” and the mixtapes, so everyone should be able to enjoy it. -interview @ Syracuse’s The Daily Orange

For this album of the week, I’ve decided to dive into newest record by B.o.B. - Strange Clouds. As a followup to the smash hit album Adventures of Bobby Ray, plenty is promised and expected from Bobby Ray Simmons a.k.a B.o.B. I think that there are certain elements about B.o.B.’s sound that contributed to the overall success of his previous record. His ability to infuse various genres within the hip hop framework is a class showing of his versatility in which I highly admire. Using 80s influences, techno, R&B embellishments, and non-traditional tones and textures, B.o.B. has looked to set himself apart from hip hop’s mundane. It’s also important to note that similar to his first album, this record has a heavy emphasis on collaboration with other artists. B.o.B. has gathered a star cast to accompany and let their talents shine on this record. Let’s dig into the tracks!

Track by Track Thoughts:

1) Bombs Away (Ft. Morgan Freeman) - Ha, whoa that’s totally Morgan Freeman! Getting the master of omniscient narration to open your record is pretty epic if you ask me. Speaking of epic, that would be the keyword to describe this track. Its the crafty lyricism and the chilling choir elements that just build the momentum to Freeman’s final stanza. This track is definitely a hype builder.

2) Ray Bands - From a sonic viewpoint, this track utilizes a R&B style approach in terms of beat and textures. It’s emphasis on beats 1 and 4 reminds me of Trey Songz’s track Bottoms Up. Following a R&B path, B.o.B. gives us a first listen to his vocals on the record. While B.o.B.’s voice isn’t the most spectacular, he does well to stay within his abilities and fits along the track nicely.

3) So Hard To Breathe - On this track, B.o.B. brings on the guitar and offers a more organic feel to the record. I often forget that B.o.B. is a pretty decent acoustic guitar player and many of the riffs he likes are folk/pop influenced. This track really emphasizes the band element similar to that of music by Gym Class Heroes. I think it goes along well with the reminiscent musings this song’s lyrics are about.

4) Both of Us (Ft. Taylor Swift) - This track is currently the first radio single for this record and with good reason. Both of Us sounds most radio ready in terms of its production. Partnering with superstar Taylor Swift, there is an interesting musical juxtaposition created here. Swift’s delicate vocal and B.o.B.’s heavy delivery brilliantly coexist when most would think they couldn’t. I only wish that Swift have more of a presence besides the chorus and the outro, perhaps maybe a bridge or something.

5) Strange Clouds (Ft. Lil Wayne) - This record’s self-titled track is certainly an interesting one. It is definitely a party song and Lil Wayne, in typically Lil Wayne fashion, provides a solid cameo filled with clever wordplay and swag. I think it’s interesting to consider the meaning of what these strange clouds are. On one level, it could be a substance-induced image but on another, strange clouds really could represent uncharted territory. Maybe that’s me thinking too much into it but if you do name your album and a track on it the same name, it’s worth thinking about.

6) So Good - I’m a sucker for a good piano-driven beat. I think this song is quite enjoyable for that reason. This track is quite catchy and I love the sense of community in the choruses. It’s definitely a feel good summer track.

7) Play For Keeps - Hmm, I think this song is a bit too intense for my musical tastes. I do understand that it’s a common staple to have that intense instrumental beat on a hip hop record as a sign of how raw and gritty you can be, but it’s just not my favorite taste. There is just an absence of any melodic charm that I love from B.o.B.

8) Arena (Ft. Chris Brown & T.I.) - With the rise of dubstep this year, B.o.B. tries incorporating that sound into this music. Teaming up with some of Atlanta’s finest in Chris Brown & T.I., this track alternates between the dubstep sound and a piano-driven chorus. It’s a difference of night and day and will keep you guessing. I really like Chris Brown’s chorus and it does a great job to carry through the track.

9) Out Of My Mind (Ft. Nicki Minaj) - Out of the beats on the record, this one is definitely the most ridiculous, but in a great way. There are some many creative elements. The constant busyness of the track, from the ripping noises to the whispering at the end, really just give that illusion of insanity. And who else better to have on a track about insanity that Nicki Minaj? I find her cameo quite hilarious because at times it sounds like she is taking shots at B.o.B. Her sample of Airplanes in her verse was a quirky touch as well. She definitely makes this song memorable.

10) Never Let You Go (Ft. Ryan Tedder) - This is one of the more interesting tracks on the record. The strong western vibe on this track is quite odd but in a good way. B.o.B. just ebbs and flows within the melody line and Ryan Tedder provides ample support. I wish that Tedder played more of a role though.

11) Chandelier (Ft. Lauriana Mae) - This track is one of my favorites. I just think there is something magical that happens with a B.o.B. track when he finds that awesome female vocalist to work with (ex. Hayley Williams, Taylor Swift). In this case, he chooses to work with Lauriana Mae, whom I haven’t heard much from but I checked out her EP Love Mae and it’s pretty impressive. Her voice comes across as very sultry and lush. Much like Airplanes was on the last record, this track is very much a people’s anthem but instead of “wishing on airplanes” we all “shine like chandeliers.”

12) Circles - On this track, B.o.B. brings the full band back to set the beat. I love the jam session-like feel. It’s just very upbeat and free-form. There is that video game sound that I think really grows on you as you give the track more listens. B.o.B.’s witty wordplay really shines through as well.

13) Just A Sign (Ft. Playboy Tre) - Ok, this made be a strange comparison but I’m going to write it through because it’s just an overwhelming thought in my head. This song honestly feels like a hip hop translation of a Bon Iver song. Yup, I made that comparison. I know that Bon Iver doesn’t rap, obviously. However, there are certain elements in this song give it that feel. The broad and expansive choruses. The omniscient vibe. There are a certain amount of layers within the track that resemble that of a Bon Iver song. It’s a fresh track.

14) Castles (Ft. Trey Songz) - This is a funky track. In the great scheme of the album, this song doesn’t try to be bigger than it is. I see plenty of radio potential in this track because it is a pop-friendliness. Trey Songz brings that upper register R&B/pop sound which is just a joy to listen to. The “dream big” kind of message within the lyrics is great too.

15) Where Are You - B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray - Have you ever heard of the song Stan by Eminem? Well, this is a spinoff/spoof of that track with B.o.B. speaking to himself. While not super creative or original, I do find it quite comical to have a track focused about a fake monologue with yourself. It’s an interesting end to the album to say the least.

Rating: 4 out of 5. It is definitely a step up from his debut. What I always look for in a hip hop album is a wide variety of beats and soundscapes. B.o.B. definitely brings that to the table on Strange Clouds. And with the all-star cast of cameos on the record, each song has it’s only unique feel and vibe. If you are a casual listener to hip hop, I’m sure that there will be enough to satisfy your ear. For those hip hop enthusiasts, you may find yourself more depth or innovation. Overall, I find it to be a class followup.

Upcoming album review of the week & other musical goodness!

Hello Scratch&Mixers! I hope all of you are having a fantastic beginning of the week! Here are a couple quick thoughts in light of this week!

1) First off, I wanted to thank all of those who read, liked, and reblogged my previous review of Ed Sheeran’s album + over the weekend. I’m very ecstatic that the Ed Sheeran community thought so highly about my review. I had a few conversations with some bloggers in that community and you guys are some wonderful folks!

2) On that note, I would also like to thank the tumblr music blog community as well (especially some of the blogs I follow) for their support and encouragement via messages over the past couple of days. You should definitely check out these blogs! They are some quality people!

If you have a music blog, I would love to see it! I think it’s really important for this community to develop and grow together!

3) Currently, I’m working on reformatting the About page of this blog. Maybe I’ll add some photos and stuff. I’m just looking be more personal with you!

4) Lastly, you wanna know what album I’m going to review, right?? Well, for this upcoming week I plan to review Overexposed by Maroon 5. I’m pretty impressed that they already have a new album because it was only a year ago that Hands All Over was released. Also, I’m interested to listen to this new synth-pop direction Adam Levine and his lads are taking. Hopefully, you have seen my thoughts on their current single Payphone (see here and here).

Be sure to look out for it this weekend! :)



P.S. There will a new A Mix For… playlist this week as well!

Scratch & Mix Update - 7/31/12

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great week!

For this week’s Album Review of the Week, I will have the pleasure of reviewing Passion Pit’s latest record Gossamer.

I took a road trip to Baton Rouge today and purchased a physical copy of the record! Thus, I got to spent a good 2 hours listening to it and I will getting started on writing tomorrow.

Look for it this weekend!

Quick News & Updates!

Hello Tumblrland! Thanks again for all great feedback on last week’s review of Maroon 5’s Overexposed! I got 2 quick bits of news!

1) I added a couple of improvements to the overall blog layout. Also, the about page has been tweaked to include a couple of pictures of myself. It’s still a work in progress so please bear with me. :D

2) As far as this week'sAlbum Review of the Week, I plan to give a review of B.o.B.’s latest record Strange Clouds.

This will be an interesting review. I have yet to offer my thoughts on a hip hop album so it will be an adventure. Although I consider myself a “casual” hip hop listener, I think there are plenty of really interesting things to talk about with this album. Also, I find B.o.B.’s story quite fascinating.

Until then, feel free to like, reblog, and share!



I need an opinion...

First off, I’m pleased to let you know that this weekend’s album review of the week will be up and coming English singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran’s debut album +. I’ve heard plenty of great things about it!

And on that note, here is where I need some opinions from my beloved followers. If you have kept up with previous album reviews, you might have noticed that I go into detail about each specific track. Would you like me to continue to do that or would you like a more holistic overview of the album and perhaps, I include 5 or so songs that support my claims?

My reasoning for asking this question is not because I feel I write too much. I love writing. I could write for days if given the right stimuli. However, I do feel that artists make multiple tracks on albums that encompass similar themes and it’s difficult to provide any new fresh perspective on similar tracks. Also, I don’t want to overbear you with such dense and lengthy posts that you are turned away.

I would to hear your comments about this matter and if you have an idea on how I could find a better balance, please let me know! :) I will review + in the current format but if there is a desire for change, next weekend’s album will reflect that.

Lastly and unrelated to above comments, I know have Twitter! (Yes, this is a shameless self-promotion :p) However, if you’re interested in learning a little more about me and my other interests beside music, my twitter is an excellent place to go. Two days in and I’m already quite the Tweet-a-holic.

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what an overachiever.. lol. what’s your project anyways?

It definitely won’t be overachieving when I mess up all my predecessors/assigning resources. I took a service learning course last spring. It was English 2000 with a focus on domestic violence. This is just a made up rally for the Capital Area Family Violence Center.

I think this is as far as I go for tonight.