Scratchadelia Blind Art at Shoredidge Church

Friday November 12, 2012

A solo exhibition by Kassim Bay and Dino De La Vega. Sound accompaniment by Lani Rocillo

Creating for over 10 years under the masthead of Scratchadelia, it is not a duo you can label or put into a box, apart from a light box maybe.

The history of their practice stems from graffito art but has become vast and varied in its development. This has led to the investigation and use of braille in their practice which has given birth to the element of relief in their work. The process of taking away to literally create something out of nothing. 

Technique and medium are utilised in both two and three-dimensional aspects. Complex ideas and emotional sensations are expressed, shifting perceptions and specifically drawing attention to the act of touching.

For the first time ever, people with sight loss will be able to experience some of the greatest masterpieces of art history such as The Creation of Adam, the Mona Lisa and The Scream.