Doodles, doodles. 

A little “what if” AU… what if the twin who “died” wasn’t Aoba… what if it was Sei? 

Sei would live a normal life, living with Tae, having friends, job… oh, how many people told him how beautiful eyes he had. Just a single look could bring people to their knees. Everything was pretty normal… but sometimes, besides two other voices in his head he got used to after those years, the third one appeared. The voice that was calling for help. For his help.

For those white stripes in Aoba’s hair - tiny little AU headcanon that more he uses his power for Toue, the more he becomes his original, “true” self. 

It’s late and I think I worked too much. Weird ideas. I’m sure something like this has been already made, but I’m lazy to search tags.