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Frankish Scramasax / Sax / Seax with Scabbard Mounts

Date: 7th century

Geography: Made in Niederbreisig, Germany

Medium: iron, copper alloy fittings

Dimensions: Overall: 10 9/16 x 1 13/16 x 5/8 in. (26.9 x 4.6 x 1.6 cm) copper alloy studs: 13/16 x ¾ x ½ in. (2 x 1.9 x 1.3 cm)

Credit Line: Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917

Accession Number: 17.193.353

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Provenance: Friedrich Queckenberg, Niederbreisig, Germany; Joseph Queckenberg, Niederbreisig, Germany; J. Pierpont Morgan, London and New York (until 1917)

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Seax of Beagnoth

The Old English word seax means ‘knife’, but is specifically used today to describe large Anglo-Saxon single-edged knives made of iron. This seax was found in the River Thames at Battersea.

A narrow panel of decoration runs along the back edge on each side of the blade. These panels are outlined by strips of twisted copper and brass wire and separated from the rest of the blade by a deep groove. On one side of the blade two inscriptions run along this panel.

One inscription is a copy of the twenty-eight letters of the runic alphabet, known as the futhorc. The other inscription, also in Anglo-Saxon runes, reads 'Beagnoth’ which is the name of the person who owned or made the knife, something commonly found on these knives. The two inscriptions are here separated by a length of pattern made up of linked lozenges of silver and copper, and which takes up the entire length of the panel on the other side. The smith made mistakes in his runic alphabet and had to squeeze in a missing ’s’.

Seaxes were weapons probably used in both combat and hunting. They are mainly found in the south of England.

Source & Copyright: The British Museum

Hey! uhh, sorry I’ve been so inactive. I run a very exhausting illustrated fanfic, and on top of that, I’m jobless and job hunting (expect commissions to open up soon maybe aghgh) so I’ve been busy to no end.

I bought a new dragon today though! He was super cheap and i ended up using over half my gems to dress him up, such is life 8’) His name is Scramasax, and he’s a white-knight type of fellow, which is interesting because I don’t usually gravitate towards white knight lawful good types. I just wanted a light-primary dark-ish spined male coatl and now I’m down the rabbit hole again.

His weapon of choice is, unsurprisingly, a scramasax.

Movement and posture headcanons
♐ - Fights

Oh man I have thought about this so much hah ha h

He’s highly adaptive - that’s the first and most important thing. Grey Wardens are esteemed fighters, that’s their thing so he’s a very efficient fighter. He’s got a few set-ups.

The first is typical mage. He uses a staff, roots himself with Keeper/nature magic and does your pretty standard spell-firing stuff. Next is close-quarters magey stuff, where he uses a bladed staff like a bo staff and uses magic as support.

His hand-to-hand style is primarily for disarming and knocking out. It involves short bursts of speed and strength and is inspired a lot by this.

Then there’s Arcane Warrior techniques which for him is more accurately called Arcane Rogue. He typically wields a sword and quillon dagger, or parrying dagger if he’s fighting not-darkspawn. Is also skilled with scramasax daggers and stiletto daggers. Is too small for most shields but can use a buckler. He doesn’t really need them though bc arcane shields ~
Having a dominant left hand gives him an edge with this style. Using in-game references he would be skilled with the specialist & scoundrel talents trees and the duelist spec.  

When performing blood magic he’s very grounded, calm, and nimble, and wields a butterfly knife for drawing power. He keeps it hidden on his right arm at all times for quick access in a dire situation. Just in case~ y’know? He’s not had enough training or practice with it to be particularly powerful but the raw magic itself is potent and dangerous. He usually goes for the knock-out or the confused What was I doing effect rather than killing with blood magic. Or controls one person into slaughtering everybody else c: