Big Apple

so….here I am. Ready to fly away to far far faaaaaaaarrrrrrrr east, Japan. I’ll be there for two weeks or so. Am I excited? ah, well I always get this mixed feeling; I’m excited to see my parent and friends! but then I miss NY a lot, I don’t wanna leave my kitty… :(  Living in this city for almost 20 years made me think of it as my “ home "  already. I strolled around Brooklyn and Manhattan yesterday, looking for some souvenirs. I love this place. I chose to live and build my life here. Feeling a bit sentimental. Silly? yeah, I love New York more than anywhere else maybe. I really do. Can’t explain why it matters to me so much though.

Anyways, I’ll post some Japanesy photos from Kyoto, Japan, when I get there. Stay tuned…You are all invited to my Japan world…! ha ;p

Now, gotta finish my breakfast!



Penguin :)

The things I learned on Monday as I accompanied my friend for her chemotherapy : Chemotherapy is a painful procedure. My friend is a warrior. There’s always something to help out others. The LOVE in my community is profound and sweet.

This penguin lookalike pussy willow was blooming so beautifully in my friend’s apartment. Hoping to welcome a happy spring season in a couple of months. Have a happy Wednesday!!



“Life is not a struggle; the only struggle is your resistance to allowing reality to be exactly as it is. Struggles would disappear if you could allow the comings and goings of life flow through you with the trust that everything that is happening to you is for your best interest, even if you can’t see it right now. Allowing reality to be exactly as it is - this is the first step towards transformation." - Jackson Kiddard