4 TONITE Just like every other month, here’s our latest mix, featuring a selection of the freshest tracks discovered last month. Mixed by the homie @Griffinhajek aka Griffin From Brooklyn, this will be the ideal soundtrack of your summer. For this month’s artwork, Chantelle Barnard-Rance kindly accepted to produce this perfect art cover. (www.behance.net/chantellebr)
Enjoy, and sorry for the delay guys!


Beatmachinearon - Close To Me
FKJ - Learn To Fly (feat. Jordan Rakei)
Homeboy Sandman - America, The Beautiful
Sinkane - How We Be
Chrome Sparks - Losing U
Reginald Garland - Chillin Out (Poolside Edit.)
Zimmer - Sensify Me (feat. KLP) (Crayon Remix)
Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne
Seekae - Test & Recognise (HWLS Remix)
Sunni Colón - CZAR
Nick Hakim - Cold
Yung Bae - Take My Love
Tuuwa X Rollergirl - StarClub7
Knxwledge - 24 hr’s[WTT]


Who would have thought that in 8 months we would obtain 500 likes on Facebook, from all over the world. We would like to thanks all the people and pages who have contributed and helped us make this brother – sister concept become reality. 2014 is and will be a swell year for Scopitone, providing you with the greatest and latest Music | Art. 

For this occasion, we have asked a graphic designer, Manel Ologaray Fernandez, to produce a special creation for us. 

Thank-you once again and hope that you will like it,


We are more than happy to present to you what we have been working on with the help of the remarkable Graphic Designer and Photographer Manel Ologaray Fernandez. 

Here are the 1st Edition flyers for Scopitone.

Please do not hesitate to let us know what you think of them.

Check out Manel Ologaray Fernandez’s work here:http://manelologaray.com/

Here is our Scopitone February playlist | 5 featuring The Departure ClubJungleSchoolBoy QHIGH HØØPSTaste NasaHighlandsMotherPromnitePenthouse PenthouseChet FakerDariusAbJoYoung Franco, and GANZ

Always the best, only for you. 


Before the summer ends, here’s our latest mix put together by the Santa Monica-based photographer and mixtape maker, Jarelion.
The Mainz / Frankfurt-based illustrator, Cynthia Kittler created this awesome personalised still life artwork for the mix. Featuring KaytranadaLes Sins,YUNG BAERatkingThe Kount, and many more.

Listen to it below: 

Cynthia’s online portfolio: www.cynthiakittler.com
For more mix tapes by Jarelion: www.mxtps.com