The Supreme Court has voted to keep Texas abortion clinics open

Pro-choice activists are celebrating today: The Supreme Court announced that it will allow nine Texas abortion clinics to remain open until the justices can hear an appeal ordering them to close. Unfortunately, this is only a partial victory and maintains a troubling situation for Texas women. 


SCOTUS just announced that they will allow 9 Texas abortion clinics to remain open. This is huge because Texas is trying to pass a bill that would force all abortion clinics to be shut down, and a woman should have autonomy over her body, and that includes being able to make the decision as to whether or not to get an abortion. Lets keep things headed in the right direction!!


John Oliver’s advice for those confused by what to call a transgender person: call them whatever they want to be called. After all, the American public did it for a number of celebrities, including Sean “Diddy” Combs. 

 Hear more from Oliver and the other late-night comics in today’s Punchlines

In greater Dallas area, segregation by income and race

Income segregation has increased over the past three decades in 27 of the largest 30 metropolitan areas across the U.S., according to a 2012 Pew Research Center report. In Dallas and many of the other metro areas we mapped, there were clear divisions between low-income neighborhoods and middle- and upper-income areas, as well as divisions along racial lines.

phealgud asked:

Does it make you agitated seeing all these people praising Obama despite the fact he's not even in the Supreme Court and has been against gay rights for a good portion of his career?

I’m far past the feelings of agitation when it comes to liberals and the completely clueless’s infatuation with politicians surrounding these big decisions. They are only interested in the outcomes, not the why or the how.

I saw that Tumblr featured some artwork of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg yesterday.  I’m not even sure she was awake during any of these recent decisions…I’m not even sure she’s even alive anymore.

I’m starting to wonder if the other liberal Justices are just controlling her like a human puppet on Weekend at Bernies.  That actually would make a great TV show.
KRON-TV:  Thousands march in San Francisco to promote transgender awareness
In the Mission District Friday, thousands of people marched to promote transgender awareness.

The Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage across the country comes just as San Francisco is preparing to kick off pride weekend. The pride parade on Sunday is expected to draw a huge crowd, but other festivities are already underway…

fusrodahtaataa asked:

So gay marriage is legal because the Supreme Court just stated it as law of the land, right? What happened to representative republic? And why are people freaking out more over this deliberate governmental fuck up than anyone ever did over Obama's executive orders? Wish those woulda got the same rebuttal.

You’re preaching to the choir.  Liberals and uneducated voters are more interested in popular outcomes rather than Constitutional Representative government.  They’re impatient with the process and would rather have a monarch (or in this case an oligarchy) make the decisions that the loudest voices are clamoring for.  We might as well place Taylor Swift, Oprah, Ellen, Obama, Beyoncé and Neil Patrick Harris in complete control of our government since they seem to be our all-knowing betters that know what’s best for our society.
Capitalism Can Save the Environment
Jerry Taylor joins Aaron and Trevor for a discussion on environmental protection and energy use. Is economic growth incompatible with a clean planet?

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled against the EPA’s restrictions on power plant emissions.

Jerry Taylor, a former vice president of the catoinstitute, explains how federal pollution control is not effective, efficient, nor appropriate: “[Historically,] the greatest reductions in pollution we saw were under this regime of state and local regulatory authority – not under the EPA.”


In a counterstrike against the EPA’s so-called “War on Coal,” the Supreme Court Monday blocked the agency’s rule regulating mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants. It’s a decision that, as Justice Elena Kagan wrote in a scathing dissent, ”deprives the American public of the pollution control measures that the responsible Agency, acting well within its delegated authority, found would save many, many lives.”

The Supreme Court delivered a major blow to the EPA, but not necessarily to air pollution regulations
Yale alumni played key roles on road to Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision

“This moment has been a long time coming,” said history and American studies professor George Chauncey ’77, ’89 Ph.D. on March 5, as he moderated a discussion on same-sex marriage co-sponsored by Yale GALA, the university’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender alumni association, and the Yale Club of New York City.

“Yalies have played such a central role” in the movement to secure marriage equality since then, and especially in the last decade, Chauncey tells the students in his lecture course.