Scotty and Keenser contemplate engineering problems.

In this last 100 I’m really rounding up up all the characters that are yet to make proper appearances in this project and of course Keenser who was a lot more fun to draw than I thought he would be is one of them.

Apparently he is megglesthetribble “homedog”… what ever that entails.

Also I was thinking about how he ends up on the Enterprise, he would have travelled with Spock Prime back to Earth which is kind of awesome to think about, Spock and Keenser just hanging out and discussing the mysteries of the universe as only they could (Spock obviously would do the talking).

Maybe there’s the next mini comic after the McCoy one :)

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On the way home thru the mountains.. after camping in Pigeon Forge TN we drove through Cherokee NC and saw the sign for the hotel. I thought we are towing our own Pink Motel! Little Miss PitStop (our camper), daughter and I just had to u-turn just to take this photo!

Since this trip she has had a few modifications. She now has a zebra stripe all the way around her and a quote and rhinestones on her side.