This weekend I was able to cosplay Ramona Flowers with my fiancé as Scott Pilgrim at UB Con in New York! A lot of people said they had to do double takes because of the accuracy.
Scott Pilgrim: Jonathan Galvin (
Ramona Flowers: Paige DeWald (
Photographer: Alyssa Pepe (
Source of last picture:

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You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc. and write down the 10 first songs. Then pass this to 10 people. One rule: no skipping!

(Calling it: Most of mine will be either Panic or FoB)

1) The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know - Panic! at the Disco

2) Dead on Arrival - Fall Out Boy

3) Behind the Sea - Panic! at the Disco

4) What a Catch Donnie [Acoustic] - Fall Out Boy

5) I’ve Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song) - Fall Out Boy

6) Swap Meet - Nirvana

7) Waiting All Night (feat. Ella Eyre) - Rudimental

8a) [DISCLAIMER: This isn’t actually one I bought/downloaded; it’s from that damn U2 album Apple users got for free.  I just haven’t taken it off yet.] This is Where You Can Reach Me Now - U2

8b) Best of You - Foo Fighters

9a) Volcano - U2

9b) School - Nirvana

10) Feel the Love (feat. John Newman) - Rudimental

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Ramona Flowers video. ☆ #cosplay #edinburgh #EdinburghComicCon #ramonaflowers #scottpilgrim