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Motivational Speaker: Scott Greenberg, DCON 2013 Keynote Speaker
As I sat there Friday evening, listening to Scott Greenberg, every thing he said made me want to know more about him. Not only is he comedic, but he has had his fair share of adversity. Scott Greenberg isn’t just a successful man, he is also a cancer survivor. And one of his greatest skills, is cutting loose his sandbags. He can disregard the insecurity, the criticism, the fear, the doubts, and walk the path called life with his head held up high. It is people like him that inspire me and remind me why I should enjoy my life without worrying so much about other problems.

My real name: Marissa Kuriki.

I want to be as true to myself as possible. And I want to inspire people to do the same. So with this post I want to say one thing about myself that not everyone may know…

Deep down, I actually want my mom to love me. And every time I see a daughter and her mom walking around the mall together having mother daughter time, I’m really jealous.

I really want my followers and anyone else who sees this post to make a title like the one above, claiming their name, and then make a ‘confession post’ as the one above. It can be a small confession or even a huge confession but the only thing I ask is that you take this seriously.

Well why am I doing this you ask, well thats because I recently saw a post while searching up a tag on DCON2013. A key clubber that attended the convention with me, not in my group but was also at the convention and one of 3000 key clubbers there, had made a post about the speaker Scott Greenberg. Scott is the motivational speaker that was at the convention and this key clubber, of whom I still dont know the name or gender or anything for that matter, was particularly inspired. This key clubber made a post about being suicidal all the time due to depression that stemmed from bullying when they were in elementary school. One of the biggest most inspiring excerpts from this person’s post is this one;

“Then I joined Key Club, and I can honestly say Key Club has saved my life. I put myself out there, and I’ve made new friends. I’m not as social as some of my Key Club crazy friends, but I’m working on it slowly. I still haven’t been able to stop cutting, and I am quite suicidal, even now. I was actually planning to end my life the week I arrived back from DCON, thinking I would be alone anyways.

I always feel alone. My family life is difficult, my school life is bad, and I am under so much stress. I hate living, hate my life, and most of all, I hate myself. No one knows, because I put on a facade of a happy sophomore. But with Key Club, I think I can work to change that, with the help of my key club family. No one knows me yet, as I am not keyclub famous, and I will hopefully change that too~”

This key clubber deserves the support of everyone. But mostly they deserve the support of us key clubbers, because weve all been through hard times and weve all been stressed out of our minds at some point but we all have a common thing; service. We love being able to do volunteer work throughout the community and we love being able to help people so, take a few minutes to show your support by confessing a ‘sand bag’ in the words of Scott Greenberg. And as a goal, and in the spirit of post DCON syndrome, lets try and get a million of these posts, use the tag #onemillionsandbags

And to my friend that I was able to message yesterday, I hope you see this and feel inspired enough to get help from your president or LTG you deserve to feel secure about yourself and about your life. Your life is worth living. Don’t give up on it.