Walker sounds electric on the opening ‘Brando’, like an operatic hyena howling into the pitch black of the night on the edge of a mountaintop, whilst Sun O))) ring out perhaps the most melodic guitar line of their careers – terror-instilling, dissonant melody of course. The sheer physicality of the record is immense and often washes over you with powerful, immersive force.

Scott Walker & Sunn O)))

"like an operatic hyena howling into the pitch black of the night on the edge of a mountaintop" - I like this sentence


Scott Walker - Brando

I never expected a music video for Soused, but here it is. Enjoy.


Soused matches Scott Walker's spellbinding compositions and voice with Sunn O)))'s metallic abyss. Like the album, Gisèle Vienne's short film is bewildering and fraught with terror that's unspoken.

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Walker claimed that he opposed the 100% federally funded train because of the annual operating costs to the state, which amounted to around $7 million. But now the state is on the line for as much as $118 million, for which it will have received nothing at all. In other words, for the dollars the governor has put at risk, the state could have funded the new train operation for about a decade and a half.

Former Madison, WI Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, “You thought Wisconsin losing high-speed rail was bad? It actually just got worse.”

The moral of this story is that when a Republican tells you they’re for fiscal responsibility, it means you can kiss your tax dollars goodbye.