scott chambliss

naah son you know what

in the reboot movies, you only ever get to see glances of the scenes, you can never really take in everything that’s there in the space of the scene or the shot. after looking through scott chambliss’ portfolio of the sets of both st09 and stid, it’s occurred to me just how much there is in these sets that i’ve just completely overlooked, and when visioning the characters there, i somehow forget that entire consoles are in the way because i look at it as if it’s exactly the same as the tos set but spiced up. but it’s not???? the entire layout is different???? and i really wish we could get a better look at it????

i’m just gonna sit and stare at these pictures for the next few hours bc wow they’re so different

also his pictures of nibiru are fucking stunning

After referencing Star Trek Into Darkness Set Designer Scott Chambliss in a previous post tonight, I went googling and found some fun things.  If you like Star Trek, you simply must go look at his website. The concept art is fantastic.  I utterly adore his sets… they are incredible.  The above picture is from the below referenced article.  A good read.