A Poetic Take on Scotland’s Landscapes with @jamwrights

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Every year on the evening of January 25, Scots all over the world sit down to a traditional meal of Scottish dishes and celebrate the poetry of Robert Burns. The event is known as “Burns Night” or “Burns Supper.”

Photographer James Wright (@jamwrights) offers a poetic take on the landscapes of Scotland, on Instagram. “What I take away from Burns’ poetry is that humans are human and nothing more,” he says. “We both seek perspective and to remind people that they are but a small part in a big world.”

Based in Oban, James says he finds inspiration in the shifting light and colors around him. “The light here is always slightly sideways, which gives the landscape a three-dimensional feeling when you look in the right direction,” he says. “Some of the mountains appear to shoot straight up out of the sea as you drive along the side of a sea loch. You’ll be passing over Rannoch Moor admiring the empty bleakness and the distant mountains and suddenly you’ll have millions of tons of ancient rock looming over you. It does make the heart skip a beat or two.”

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The Joys of Haggis – Burns Night with Great British Chefs

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Set in 14th Century Scotland. ‘Come Back Home’ is a story about love and the burden of keeping a family together in the midst of war and uncertainty.

A reference for all of you who wish to do historically accurate shorts.

As Algy looked out from his perch in the grey afternoon, he thought of all his friends in the north-eastern USA who were bracing themselves for what might be the biggest snowstorm on record. The spattering of snow around Algy’s home was negligible in comparison, and he wondered what it would be like to be completely overwhelmed by a massive snowfall…

Stay safe in those blizzard conditions, everybody, and keep warm! Algy says be sure to wear your hat :)) xoxoxo