the signs' iconic british quote
  • Aries:"excuse me please"
  • Taurus:"unexpected item in the bagging area"
  • Gemini:"dfs sale now on"
  • Cancer:"sorry can I just squeeze past, thanks"
  • Leo:"stick the kettle on will you"
  • Virgo:"I didn't like it, I loved it"
  • Libra:"there's only one way to find out... FIGHT!!!"
  • Scorpio:"bang and the dirt is gone"
  • Sagittarius:"get out of my pub"
  • Capricorn:"ooh banter !!11!"
  • Aquarius:"bloody hell"
  • Pisces:"i fucking hate david cameron"

Chris Malcolm traversing the South Quarry, Salisbury Crags

I’ve been climbing this for 53 years. Most of it’s easy. A few bits are pretty difficult. I’ve rarely been good enough to do it without falling (or jumping) off at least once.  I’m getting near the part where a finger in a quarrying bolt hole being able to lift most of my weight permits a very useful move. I was struggling repeatedly with that in my late teens that got me up to being able to do a one armed pull up. Now it’s quite a struggle to do a few two armed pull ups. I should get up there more often. And remember to take my rock shoes!