A few years ago I released a screen printed map of England, Ireland, Scotland and whales. I just unearthed 10 mint condition artist proofs of ‘Kingless Kingdom’. You can grab yourself one on my shop at: davidshillinglaw.bigcartel.com/kingless-Kingdom 🌍✌️

Welcome to my first #ShelfieSaturday, where I feature a collection of books in my shelves! Here’s my collection of the Gone series by Michael Grant. I love this series because it’s so original! (My copy of Plague is from Scotland and Fear is an ARC, which is why they look different.) Who else has read this series? 💙

Five years before Harry Potter, Hogwarts was just, well…Hogwarts, a British wizarding boarding school teaching the magical arts, located in Scotland inside Hogwarts Castle. Established around the 9th or 10th century, Hogwarts is considered to be one of the finest magical institutions in the wizarding world. Children with magical abilities may be enrolled at birth, and acceptance is confirmed by owl post at age eleven.