All photos of Frnkiero andthe Cellabration in Glasgow are online!

Frank Iero
Frnkiero andthe Cellabration

Glasgow, Scotland
King Tuts Wah Wah Hut
19th April 2015

All photos by Stacey Auld @ Music Box Unwinds

While Algy was reading, he noticed some movements among the irises in the shallow water, so he put his book down and moved closer to the stream. He was hoping to meet a frog, but although he watched very carefully, no frog appeared. He was a wee bit disappointed, but there were plenty of tiddlers and Whirligig Beetles in the burn this spring, so Algy spent a happy afternoon watching them instead :)

The Craigh na Dun Location

“We were driving back to the hotel one night and we’re on some road in the middle of nowhere, and I see in the distance this little dot of a guy dressed in all down coats and stuff. And I’m like look at that guy - what’s he doing way out here, is he lost? It’s probably someone in trouble! And I made the van driver stop and wait until the guy came down off this big mountain to say do you need any help?

And when he came to the window and pulled his cap off - it was SAM!

And he had gone hiking, and I said “we’re like miles from anything, how the heck did you get way out here?”
And he’s like “Oh I like to go hiking.” He likes to go hiking and climb these peaks, and I was Mad and was like “You get in the van! You’re our star, you can NOT be out here!”
But, you know, he’s very athletic and he does these things to, you know, clear his head. And it was just funny.“

~Toni Graphia, Outlander Podcast 1x11


We had the awesome opportunity to speak to Frank Iero before his insane sold out show in Glasgow’s King Tuts.

Check out the video and see what he has to say about how the album became what it is, how to always see everything as something new and basically all things with Frnkiero andthe Cellabration!

Massive thanks to Frank, Ed, Pablo and James, very much appreciated.
Check out the site for photos of his set & a couple of promos