Common Aries habit: Doing what they want and jumping in head first without thinking about any consequences.

Common Taurus habit: Being stubborn no matter what you say they won’t back down or change their mind so you can stop wasting your time.

Common Gemini habit: Jumping from one thing to the next.

Common Cancer habit: Always giving people more chances than they deserve.

Common Leo habit: Trying to control everything.

Common Virgo habit: Overthinking and worrying about things they can’t control.

Common Libra habit: Procrastinating.

Common Scorpio habit: Letting their anger get the best of them.

Common Sagittarius habit: Promising more than they can deliver because they want to see everyone make it.

Common Capricorn habit: Not asking for help when they need it. They got too much pride to depend on other people.

Common Aquarius habit: Pushing away all the people who really care about them.

Common Pisces habit: Daydreaming in the middle of class or a conversation.

Aries - The One Who’s Not Afraid To Make Moves

Taurus - The Sensual One

Gemini - The One Who Can Go From Hot To Cold Fast.

Cancer - The Saver Of All Things Meaningful.

Leo - The Tough One

Virgo - The One Who Won’t Tolerate Your Mistakes.

Libra - The Considerate One

Scorpio - The Intense,Yet Loving One.

Sagittarius - The Young Kid At Heart

Capricorn - The One Who Make Things Happen

Aquarius - The Unique One

Pisces - The Dreamer