The zodiac signs in school

Aries: bad ass in school would have the greatest team spirit but so harsh to the idiots

Taurus: the one that would try to be friends with everyone then write in then talk shit about them over social media

Gemini: would hang out with the smart kids to get homework cheats

Cancer:”standardized people are to boring and living with the wolves would consider me to be a mischievous lion so Im just stuck in the middle of everything”

Leo would steal yo girl/boy in a heartbeat

Virgo : wont take any shit from teachers you better give them the grade they deserve or you’ll die from an endless trauma attack

libra *wakes up on a Monday with a smile on their face to hide their pain*

Scorpio: don’t ask for their opinion JUST DON’T they’ll crush your spirit and you’ll never be happy again

Sagittarius: thy shaLL NOT TOUCH THE BOOTY UNLESS you are a fruitloop dingus *LAUGHS UNTIL SCHOOLS OVER HAHA”

Capricorn would be the a kiss up to teachers and get all A’s in school but also would hook everyone up with condoms and drugs on the low if you don’t have any money take yo broke ass home

Aquarius: collects school oranges and takes them home to experiment

Pisces: would be the most richest person in school and have a party every weekend for the hell of it

They are honest in their own way :)

Aries: will tell you the truth without even thinking first. They will say what’s on their mind.
Taurus: will be honest if you are honest to them in return, otherwise they’d keep it to themselves and it may come out in other ways.
Gemini: are honest when they want to prove a point
Cancer: will be honest for you to open up more and feel comfortable around them.
Leo: is honest out of personal gain
Virgo: is honest for stating facts, very logical and factual
Libra: is honest for the purpose of being reasonable, so being brutal doesn’t exist in their world.
Scorpio: just like Leo, is only honest if there is a personal gain to it
Sagittarius: is brutally honest with a twist of sarcasm but isn’t able to handle honesty from others
Capricorn: is brutally honest and because of their cold & unmoved nature, people will view it as pure evil, when in fact they only want to stay logical.
Aquarius: brutally honest to observe reactions in other people, and less for expressing themselves.
Pisces: are rarely honest but when they are it’s for analyzing something

5 Ways This Fall Is Going to Rock Your World

’m a big fan of lists. They’re easy to read, present data in a simple-to-understand way, and just look cool. Right? So as we skid toward the Labor Day weekend, the official end of summer, I’m already thinking of fall, and 5 ways this particular fall season is going to seriously rock your world:

1. I’m teaching a new online course called How to Slay Obstacles and Get Past Your Stuckness, beginning on September 10th.

How It Rocks Your World: If you want to enter this new season with a vengeance, and learn some serious tools to move past perceived blocks, this is where you need to be.

2.  Pluto’s going direct on September 20th. On paper, it may not sound like much. But this furthest out planet has the strongest gravitational pull, and is associated with everything from the underworld and darkness to transformation of all kinds.

How It Rocks Your World: Have a major makeover in mind? Pluto can help. Want to trade your stale old job for something spanking new? Look to Pluto. This planet’s direct motion in the sign of Capricorn will help all things requiring structure to move forward.

3. Mercury’s going retrograde in Scorpio. From October 4th through 25th, the communication planet will seem to move backwards in the sky, creating issues with technology and social media.

How It Rocks Your World: In Scorpio, this planet can help you you look within, and use this time to review what’s working in your emotional life, and what may need to shift. It also allows you to see more deeply into yourself and other people, even if their motivations may not always be pure.

4. Jupiter’s going retrograde. On December 8th, this planet of luck and creativity begins its backward movement in the sign of Leo (until early April 2015).

How It Rocks Your World: Examining how you may need to tweak your image, stand up for yourself, allow your light to be seen and appreciated, or just taking credit for your achievements are all highlighted under this aspect. Use these months to plan your red carpet debut, after the first week in April.

5. Uranus is going direct! On December 21st, the winter solstice, this wacky planet of genius and sudden inspiration begins to move forward again, bringing some major energy to the holiday season.

How It Rocks Your World: When Uranus changes direction, it jars loose all your great ideas, your crazy, “couldn’t possibly work scenarios, and inner genius. Even if you don’t follow up on all of these, you’ll be overflowing with excellence. Since it’s in Aries, you’ll also have a lot of energy to make stuff happen!

scorpios are practically immune to boredom so there is nothing they can’t achieve with focus. and they have one of the most powerful forces of concentration in the zodiac. they can disappear for hours in solitude self researching a subject of fascination

anonymous said:

What's the scorpios point of view of the world we live in?

The world we live in is dangerous and terrifying and hateful and bitter, but… Amongst all of that, there’s so much beauty and love, and that’s what Scorpios try to focus on. We know that bad things will happen to us; this is inevitable. But we’re looking for somewhere brighter, instead of saying “This bad thing happened,” we say “What can I learn from this?” 
We’re excellent at coping. Our hearts are shredded so much in life that we learn to grow metal hearts and bones, but at the same time, love more powerfully than ever. When our world is crashing, we turn to something that is always beautiful; for me, it’s the physical world. I surround myself with nature when I’m at my worst. 
I hope this answered your question, and if you need me to be more specific about something, please shoot me another ask! :) xoxo

And the sea’s lightly iced, Unsalty water.

I just can’t comprehend
Whether it is the end of the day, the end of the world,
Or the mystery of mysteries in me again.

Star Quotes ~

Anna Akhmatova

A most perfect description

A scorpio woman is intense, sexy, committed, mysterious, consuming, and a ticking time bomb. She will want to be your everything and in turn you will be her world.

Scorpio women are not too difficult to handle as long as you understand them. They believe life is meant to be lived to its fullest. They live a disciplined and principled life.

She has her own
 sixth sense of people and you can feel that energy feed back when you
 around her.

She is very confident and poised. Loyal to friends and very dangerous enemies. By nature, she is emotional and sensitive.

A Scorpio woman is a mesmerizer who enjoys playing with her sexual power.

Let there be space for her desire to grow, and intensified with sensual looks and touches. She responds to a subtle ‘slow hand’ lover, over one that acts on impulse.

A big issue for Scorpio women is respect. They are all-or-nothing when it comes to giving themselves. So they want to know someone can handle their passion, and won’t bail if it gets intense.

Her heart is pure; she usually seeks a pure, long-lasting, committed kind of love and relationship. She commits only when she is sure of her feelings, and expects the same from her partner.

She likes a man who can earn her respect, and she will
 also respect and feel proud of that man. A man with power over her
should not threat or challenge her confidence. She likes to have a
 good looking, strong and healthy man. It is a plus if he holds a
 degree or has a good career.

She will want to take you everywhere with her and she wants to have adventures with you. She wants thrilling adventures, sexy ones, and sometimes just an adventure to get McDonald’s.

She responds well to someone who respects her inner needs, and that there are times to go deep.

A Scorpio woman’s beautiful and magnetic eyes have the power to bewitch you. But you must also remember that she can see through you completely. Her infamous vindictiveness is something to watch out for. It is true that when you cross a Scorpio she has a mean sting.

Break Free Lyrics for The Signs...

{Break Free by Zedd featuring Ariana Grande}

Aries~ I can’t pretend anymore

Taurus~ Don’t wanna hear you lie tonight. Now that I’ve become who I really are

Gemini~  It was lethal. It was fatal

Cancer~ This is the part when I say I don’t want ya

Leo~ I was under your spell. Like a deadly fever, yeah, babe

Virgo~ I only wanna die alive. Never by the hands of a broken heart

Libra~ No more, baby, ooh

Scorpio~ This is the part when I break free ’Cause I can’t resist it no more

Sagittarius~ You were better, deeper

Capricorn~ In my dreams it felt so right. But I woke up every time

Aquarius~ If you want it, take it

Pisces~ I’m stronger than I’ve been before