Strategy and score – Snapped on the island of one of the Navy’s giant aircraft carriers, four top-ranking officers discuss strategy and tactics… while the partial results of past huddles is portrayed on the scoreboard below. Captain C. W. Litch, USN, skipper of the vessel, and Commander J. M. Lane, USN (left to right, top ) are in one tet-a-tete, Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher, USN, and Vice Admiral John S. McCain, USN are in the other, and below them the tiny Rising Sun insignia indicated that at the time the photograph was taken the ship’s planes and guns had downed 143 Japanese planes.



Forever manual. Composing my violin solo for a particular song. My vocals represent the more apparent, superficial layers whilst the violin reflects the protagonist’s inner turmoil.

ソロヴァイオリンのパートの作曲。歌ってる時と異なる一面を見せたいと思い、かなり激しいパッセージにしてみました^ ^ヴァイオリンで苦しみ、内面を表現しています。


Eternal Sunshine is a movie about unexpected influence — about how the people in our lives are inescapably parts of who we are, for the better even when we think it’s for the worse. The score has had the same kind of effect across music: it, unexpectedly, has become a persistent part of our modern musical DNA. Brion’s pieces hold such emotional weight because he composes around story; he considers himself to be one of the most collaborative film scorers in the business. He doesn’t hole up in a studio and impatiently wait for feedback from his directors — he composes on set and in the drafting room while the film evolves before his eyes.
  • Rachel:smiled at Mason as she sat him down on the sofa, before she leaned down in front of him, picking up his socks. "Are you going to be a good boy on your walk with Uncle Kurt, Noah and Jamie?" She cooed at him, pulling on his socks, laughing softly as he continued to chew on one of his toys. "Baby, I don't think that's for chewing on," She told him, shaking her head as he just stared at her blankly. After putting on his shoes, she lifted him up into her arms, walking towards where they kept his coat. "I can't believe you're kicking us out of the house so you can have sex with Hudson," She heard Noah grumble as he walked into the room, Jamie approaching from the kitchen at the same time. "As if you wouldn't do the same," She said, putting on Mason's coat for him before sitting him into his stroller, strapping him in. "Kurt! Hurry up! You're going for a walk around New York, not a walk down the runway!" She called out to him, rolling her eyes. Eventually, Kurt came from his bedroom, in a completely new outfit. "I'm ready, you can calm down now," He said, as he made his way behind the stroller. After kissing Mason goodbye, she shooed them out the door. Sitting down on the sofa, she turned on the TV, beginning to switch through the channels as she waited for Finn to come home.