This weekend!

I had a Fantastic time this weekend with the family! We had a big easter party on saturday with lots of yummy foods! since most of you struggle with eating healthy at big family events i just wanted to share what i did! 

1. scope out whats there before you make your plate! this will help you see what you can and can not eat. that way when your making your plate you wont see all the yummy foods you used to eat and cave in and binge. 

2. small portions. you don’t want to over eat and feel horrible the rest of the day all because you decided that eggs or what ever type of meat is there was healthy and you got a TON of it! just try and remember portion control!

3. Desert? “should I eat desert?” YES! but go for fruit! don’t go for the double chocolate chip brownie that your aunt makes every year! Go for grapes or watermelon! 

Things i would have changed about this weekend!

1. I should have brought my own veggie try and a big salad! There was absolutely not one veggie tray there! it was really hard! their was a fruit try made by my dad’s girlfriend! so at least there was that!! 

2. i cheated on desert! I hade a whip cream fruit salad that my grandpa (Poppy) made! it was so good! i shouldn’t have done it but i don’t really regret it. 

If you don’t follow any of these rules WHO CARES!!! Treat your self! one day is not going to make or break your diet its what you do every day that counts!