Sams Scones.

I know any other recipe is the same, but i just wanted to give you my favorite recipe for scones.

The Chocolate Scones are my absolute favorite thing to bake in the morning and take on the go in case i skipped breakfast and i have to run out the door for Moms appointments.
So i always make these a day before any appointment of hers, And i originally had the recipe from here.

Everything onto it is the same, and i won’t write what goes into it so just check out the recipe above.
Although i will say that i enjoy having my scones in abit longer for them to dry out, so add 2 minutes or so if you like abit more crumbly scones at well.(or longer.)

I rather enjoy this recipe for the scones and ive had to change alot for my moms diet, so she can eat them as well.
But there really good and i highly suggest the recipe, I can usually make ANY scone from this one recipe so thats fantastic!(I highly suggest making a Lemon and Poppy Seed scone from the recipe, it is super good.)
My next one i will be Maple and Cinnamon Scones with Oats added into the mix(At moms command~)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!