tablet screen bones and helping peeps

I was stacking firewood outside at the new house today and dropped my tablet, now the screens badly cracked. It won’t respond either -_- I’ll either buy a new screen and put it on myself oooor go buy a new tablet. Since its a cheap model them might do that.

On the positive side, tonight i had the sudden urge to check my dash. Used my mums tablet and I noticed sconearts was talking about a certain bear, the ever so silly randomness-bear (who i starting talking to through their nsfw) winning and not responding yet. Was curious why they didnt respond to them yet and shot an anon message about tumblr eating asks and what not, before jumping on Skype to see what’s up.

Turned out tumblr ate the winning message and he had no clue about thing I’m glad about is that when you’re behind a screen, no one can see how much you blush xD

Seriously, compliments are my all time weakness x_x Anyways, have a good day ya’ll