Hello all!

I hope everyone is enjoying their well-deserved summer vacations! Only a few more weeks until we are all reunited!

I’ve been spending my summer at home in York, Maine, only a few hundred yards away from the river and the beach. I’ve been going to the beach a lot lately, especially at night (when all of the tourists have left). My family and I are on the hunt for sand dollars, which we usually find in the first week of August, but we have yet to find one :( Here are some pictures that I took yesterday on a morning walk to the beach with my mom on one of the nicest days of the summer.

When I’m not at home, I’m (fortunately/unfortunately) working my full-time job at the Kittery Outlet Malls and babysitting regularly during the week. But I still find time to go to the gym, work outside in our garden and reread some of my favorite books from high school.

While it’s been nice to relax at home and spend time with my family, I can’t wait to get back to Simmons and begin this year’s adventures with some of my favorite people!



Hi y’all!

I’m currently waiting for my dinner to cook, so I figured I’d come on and post a little nugget. I can’t say I’m totally focused, since the Patriots are on and football season is basically the reason I live. Not to over exaggerate my love for football or anything.

I had a painfully boring week. I got my spleen taken out last Thursday, so I wasn’t allowed to do anything but sit around and watching wedding shows all this week. Granted, I love me some David Tutera, but I might be catching wedding fever. I just want to plan 8000 weddings now. Which is bad, because I’m clearly not getting married anytime soon. But my best friend’s sister is getting married in February, so I do get to go to that!

In brighter news, I finally finished my summer classes! No more studying for me…for three weeks anyway. And in even more exciting news, I turn 21 in 12 days! That’s only 2 days before move in, so I get to spend my first weekend back in the city as my first weekend as a real adult! My boyfriend already picked out the best bars for us to check out and allegedly ordered me some awesome beers from Germany to celebrate!

Well dinner is just about done, so I’m out for now.


See you soon!


Two of my best friends have finally come home from college. Both of them go to school out of state so I have not gotten the chance to see them much this year, so needless to say I was very excited for their return. Molly was the first to get back so we went to dinner with a few friends to Hingham Beerworks to celebrate. It was a lot of fun and it was really yummy. This was my dessert!


Then yesterday I had to pick up Lucas from the train station. He took a bus home all the way from Manhattan. I told him about the blog and he thought it was really nice that we were doing this, so he had me take a picture to post! haha



Today was a pretty boring day. It was extremely foggy so I could not enjoy the sun like I did yesterday. It actually was pretty chilly. I went shopping for a little bit and bought a few new shirts. Then I came home and cleaned my room and went to a meeting for my new job. I just started working at a local pizza place which has been really fun so far! Sorry I cannot share anything more interesting….tomorrow my post will be more fun I promise!

(Also on my last post there are multiple pictures not just one you can use the arrows to see the others!)


These are the new shirts that I bought! I have many pairs of colorful shorts so I needed some shirts to match.


When I went out today I wore my Simmons sweatshirt so I thought it would be appropriate to post a picture. Also so there can be a face to put with my name. :)



Today has been the warmest day since I have been home for Summer. I spent the day relaxing and tanning on my back deck. I love to read so I started a new book. I am also obsessed with country music. I think it is perfect to listen to in the Summer so my Hunter Hayes Pandora was on all day. When I needed to cool off I made myself a strawberry and banana smoothie. Yum!!


Welcome my Orientation Leader team!

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for being on the team this year! I look forward to getting to know you all more closely during not only our Orientation weeks, but over the summer as well. 

AND, as a way of getting to know you over the summer, I have started this Tumblr for us to collaborate on. Essentially, my hope is that each week, we hand the blog over to one of the members of our team to blog about their week that week. You can post as little or as much as you want; I do ask, however, that you post at least once. 

Blog about your summer vacation, post pictures, film a quick video, whatever you feel like! Tell us what you’re cooking your family for dinner, the sights you see, the campers you are in charge of, etc. 

I always find it incredibly interesting to hear about others’ experiences, don’t you?

Think of this blog as kind of our “traveling pants” (if you get my reference). 

Again, thank you for joining the team! And I hope this is a way we can grow closer together and really bond. 

I will post the schedule of who is posting here as well as on the Facebook group.

Hope your summers are going well so far.

Onwards and upwards,