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Did you know PTSD can have various symptoms including feeling emotionally withdrawn, difficulty identifying emotionally, lack of empathy etc?

I did! That’s my main explanation for it, but I’m trying to think of a way to phrase it that sounds more literary than psychoanalytical because I hate the psychoanalytical approach. Think I might end up with no choice, though.


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I really like the premise of this story. It’s a risk, but I think that your willingness to try to make it work is a good sign. It’s one of the stranger mysteries of life, how humans emerge from trauma in unexpected ways.

Hey, you can read it if you want ;) but yes, I’m quite interested in that idea; I’m structuring my critical commentary around a quote from Primo Levi, discussing how trauma makes some people into martyrs and saints, debases some and humanises everyone. It’s quite interesting. Thank you! 


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Some characters don’t have arcs. Jayne from Firefly for example. He doesn’t change, and is generally not a nice guy. Not everyone changes, and it’s not true to life to suggest they do. And even if they do change, it’s not always for the better.

The way my character ultimately changes is slight - he realises that he’s misjudged the other character, but perhaps not enough to feel remorse. In fact, instead of feeling guilty, he feels defiled and as though he has become ‘as bad as those before me’, rather than them being ‘just as good as I was’. ~Moral conundrum~


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Please the read list I just posted, as I’m sure that’s far more help than a vague guess from me :)

Have bookmarked it for reference - thank you! :)


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We have a way of idolising and fetishising the dead. One only needs to look at the historical revisionism surrounding Thatcher is the last few weeks. There had to be some bad people involved on that side, and I admire you for going there.

A part that I’ll be dealing with when I extend this piece is the actions of prisoners in the camps towards those with the pink triangle - I didn’t touch on it in this shorter version because I feel as though I’d be unable to do justice to the complex morality of the situation and would come across like I was purely vilifying actions that I cannot personally claim to understand, but I’m definitely interested in the grey areas between the black and white of immorality and morality. Thank you! :)