Stranger: [Established, but having problems] It’s almost two in the morning. Where the hell are you? IL

You: I’m out. SM

Stranger: Yeah, I got that. I want to know what ‘out’ means. IL

You: And what if I don’t want to tell you? SM

Stranger: Then I’ll probably be more pissed than I already am. IL

You: Well, enjoy being mad, then. SM

Stranger: You’re being an asshole,Scott. IL

You: So? It’s the only way you pay any attention to me. Other than to tell me to stop talking, of course. SM

Stranger: I pay attention when you’re being an asshole because I know you’re just trying to make up for it when you’re being nice. It’s not working very well. IL

You: Neither are we, to be honest. SM

Stranger: Yeah? Haven’t noticed. IL

You: Then maybe, if our relationship means so little to you, we should just end it right now.SM

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