To celebrate all of my new followers (hello people! not quite sure where you came from, but enjoy your stay!) and all of my followers who have stuck with me, I have decided to make a birthday page! 

Birthday Page

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I’ll put you on my birthday page, and then you can go look and see when everyone’s birthdays are! 

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my modem is broken so I’ve been without internet for the past few days and we’re supposed to get a new one on Monday so that’s why I’ve been kind of dead lately, if anybody noticed the absence of my scintillating personality on your dashboard

see you in a few days hopefully?? :’D

All of them are unaware the others exist. They all think they’re learning about friendship, but really Celestia is using them for espionage. 

Headcanon submitted by Heynattyice

Magic kangaroos don’t need dragon sidekicks to send letters to Princess Celestia - they have built-in fax machines.


Impression of scintillating scotoma occurring in an artist

Scintillating scotoma is the most common visual aura preceding migraine. This depiction is showing the distorted field alone; it does not depict the normal parts of the field of vision.

A scotoma is any area of alteration in the field of vision. Some are due to defects in the eye or the optic nerves, but scintillating scotomas are not. They are caused by migraines (or many other possible causes) interfering with the processing abilities of the occipital cortex. The scintillating scotoma flickers and blurs vision, but is never dark. It can hinder ability to read and drive, among other things.

Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Eye. J. Elliot Colburn, 1902.

Come cazzo facevi a non vedere che quando stavamo insieme c’erano le scintille? Che quando stavamo insieme tutti ci scambiavano per innamorati? Che quando stavamo insieme facevamo invidia al mondo?
—  sorridevamaintantomorivadentro