2 things that changed my hustle to get into the art industry: 1) Years ago, before I broke into it, an artist friend told a group of us artists who got together to draw weekly at Claire de Luna, a coffee shop in San Diego, “It’s because of you lazy f%@ks that I get work”. I think he meant that as a motivational pep talk? To say the least, I never was lazy again. HAHA 2) Seeing how my pal Ryan Benjamin never got complacent when he was already at the top of his game, he took the time to make himself knowledgeable from 2D to 3D to animation allowing doors opening to many opportunities. He’s the real deal. A true role model for anyone.

On a side nite since I have to post a pic per post on IG….this is the cart design I did in #sketchup for my #bastions7 / #gumshoes4hire crossover. #cheeks74 #seancheeksgalloway #vizdev #propdesign #modelsheet #scifi #vwbus #pimpmyride #comics #3D #art #drawing #creatorown #ip

On This Day: Mork and Mindy premiered

On This Day: Mork and Mindy premiered

Today marks the anniversary of the first episode of Mork and Mindy, one of my all time favorite tv shows.

How it started

It was inspired by Garry Marshall’s (creator and executive producer for Happy Days) son who saw Star Wars and wanted to know about an alien being put on Happy Days. And Jerry Paris (who directed many episodes of Happy Days) remembered an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show (which…

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