==>Oh the nice doctor troll.

-He was so nice, and then blur everything happening fast, doing what he told you, when he told you. Kinda staring and then crying the medicine. Every thing was patched up. Wait What. Why didn’t you come here earlier. The medicine started to kick in and it made it easier -

i UMM, i WAS HELPING GAMZEE, hE WAS GETTING BULLIED, nOT BIG ONE, -You make the ‘this big’ gesture-

bUT THE LITTLE ONE, mY FRIEND, -bringing them close together.-

yEAH, hIM, nO, i’M NOT HIS, i JUST,



i wrote too much….oops @___@ sorry//

You watch as he relaxes and begins to tell you what happened. Apparently, he was defending a young Gamzee and somehow a wolf attacked him. And he was apparently bothered by telling his father. You sigh and sit down next to him.

D —> Tavros, I am one hundred percent certain he would not be bothered by wanting to you Especially seeing that you got injured I would advise telling him what happened so he can help you He cares about you, so he would be more than willing to take care of you and Gamzee

==>St. John: Wait for medical supplies.

Your everything hurts. Terezi and her subordinates have been merciless, and have found you another two or three times since you last talked to Equius. You are out of all of your medical supplies except for the useless ones - like cough drops. You have a great deal of cough drops left, but that won’t do you any good, as you cannot use those to bandage jack squat.

Equius will be here soon, though. You hope, at least, and you hope that nothing has happened to him. Equius Zahhak has some unfortunate ideas about angels, but otherwise isn’t entirely at all a bad person. You would feel awful if he even got injured trying to bring you medical supplies.

scientistzahhak asked:

D --> Are you alright I received a message in some other language from you And coming from you, not Strider, I am sure this is not a prank of some kind

It is simply a quote from the Necronomicon, widespread by H.P. Lovecraft’s publishing, poor, brave man that he was. By spreading those ancient words of grotesque will and power, I dilute them to the point that the entities that take strength from them are spread too far to affect anything.