Wake Up Call: Science Is Thinking. Religion = Disease. Wake Up: You Have a Mind.

  We have developed the ability to learn and we do not make much use of it. We humans still stagger as we develop our ability to stand erect and move forward into an era where we must understand so much with a tool most have used so little, our minds. Thought and study are not what people do best; availing oneself of one’s mind is not in everyone’s repertoire.

  As we people struggle to understand, to this human endeavor add egregious intent by a powerful group to mislead people; add a pathetic omnipresent information system that is guided only by greed/advertising/idiocy/status quo and as a result, human beings can be reduced over time to ineffectual gullible vegetables. Remember the scene in “The Matrix” where the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar pulled Neo from his dream world: Neo represents most people in a “civilized” society; that is most people in America. We Americans are profoundly unaware of what goes on around us and great effort is put into keeping us that way, making us dumb, without scrutiny, draining our energy and our life, keeping us effectively at bay for all eternity. Most Americans are disenfranchised from the effective use of their most important tool for their survival, their minds.

  Religion is the disease that defines the human race. Religion is a lie, as it offers that your heart and mind can be separated. Religion wishes to depict science as something alien to the human spirit. Humans have spirit and mind and heart and I had to think that, and that ability to think, basically is science. “Cogito ergo sum”, I think, therefore I am. Science is born of people; Science is not alien or harmful to people. Science itself is a belief and a faith that you can rely on your mind to figure things out. And with continued effort and study one might discover new things: doesn’t sound so evil.

  So how does Science end up in opposition to religion? Science promotes thought. Your thought. Your free thought. Religion demands deference to a rambling fantasy. Religion is the antitheses to free thought and free will. Religion sounds bad to me. Religion demands one succumb and relent to the will of a mad man who believes in ghosts and goblins. Religion is perpetually (insanely) deferring to the mind of one you know to be somewhat slow. Religion is cowardice, pure and simple and I just thought that and that thinking is Science. The essence of Science is the mind of a human being. Science is more heartfelt, natural and spirited than all the religions of the world.

  Science empowers people to solve their problems together. Believe and have faith in your own ability to struggle and learn and your heart will swell and your spirit will soar.

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