It’s Time to Settle Your ‘Sleep Debt.’ Here’s How: Sleep loss, researchers contend, works kind of like credit. Skip a few hours of sleep, and you’ll be all right, so long as you pay back the “debt” in a timely manner. But when sleepless nights stretch on for weeks, or months, your sleep debt starts to accumulate, and it takes longer to catch up on those missed hours. If this sounds like you, it’s time to make a plan to pay up.It’s Time to Settle Your ‘Sleep Debt.’ Here’s How.

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What Happens When Rich People Marry Poor People

“A lot has been written about how married couples deal with questions of money. Less has been written, noticed Jessi Streib, an assistant professor of sociology at Duke, about how married couples from different class backgrounds deal with having very different beliefs about money — not to mention differing when it comes to the countless other habits and social mores intimately connected to the social classes they were born into.”