It’s Time to Settle Your ‘Sleep Debt.’ Here’s How: Sleep loss, researchers contend, works kind of like credit. Skip a few hours of sleep, and you’ll be all right, so long as you pay back the “debt” in a timely manner. But when sleepless nights stretch on for weeks, or months, your sleep debt starts to accumulate, and it takes longer to catch up on those missed hours. If this sounds like you, it’s time to make a plan to pay up.It’s Time to Settle Your ‘Sleep Debt.’ Here’s How.

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How Will the Apple Watch Change Good Manners?

From Jesse Singal,

There’s nothing new about new technology rejiggering society’s views of what is and isn’t rude. “Technological innovations tend to have an impact on manners, obviously in part by moving the boundaries of what we consider acceptable, but also by creating new departments of manners — new things to have manners about.”

The same people that are ok with checking their phones while having a conversation with someone will also be perfectly happy tapping on their Apple Watch in the same setting. At least it will be subtler playing a game like Berry Quest on the Apple Watch instead of on an iPhone.