im just really excited for Dope because it’s v relatable for me (them being black and also a geek lol) and there’s never movies about teenaged black kids navigating through life. at least not since i’ve been a teen.

like the main characters are geeks. one of the girls dresses however she wants cause fuck gender roles. also zoe kravitz and chanel iman is there too like thank youuuuuu

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I was just watching some SB fanvids and I realized something (after drying my eyes and taking a few steadying breathes) - Barry loves Caitlin. Not romantically (yet) of course, but as a coworker, a partner, an adorkable science geek like himself. As a friend. I'm so happy that we got to watch this special bond grow into a true dependency and appreciation for each other. This platonic connection is why I ship them. It's beautiful and every time I think 'Barry loves his Dr. Snow' I break down lol

HAHA, oh anon. I feel you on the tears part. Some fanvids are so beautiful that they are genuinely touching and it’s just a weird experience but IT’S WONDERFUL, TOO. YES, YES TO IT ALL. I also think he loves her, not romantically, but as a friend? Definitely. Watching them grow as strangers to what they are now has been one of my favorite parts of this season. Their relationship adds depth to the show (in my opinion) and they just kind of get each other, you know? And you can just tell when they interact that they have that sort of connection. I’M BREAKING DOWN, TOO, I COULD GO ON FOR SO MUCH LONGER!!!


The “Island Vessel Vivarium” is a terrarium inside an aquarium. Designed by artist Alberto J. Almarza, show-cased at the Geek Arts / Green Innovators Festival in April 2010. Glass blower: Pittsburgh Glass Center.

“As a passionate nature lover, there is nothing more gratifying than observing this active and thriving little ecosystem as if seen through a magnifying glass.” ~Almarza

Living ingredients include moss, violets, a spider, and a centipede for the terrarium, and for the aquarium: Java moss, banana plant, barnacles, ghost shrimp, and zebra danios. 


Aperture Science Mobile Nutrient Transport

It happens often: you’re running around with your portal gun, holding onto the companion cube for dear life while hundreds of rounds of bullets bounce off your friend as he protects you. You see your destination and realize there’s a half dozen turrets pointed in that direction. You sprint forward and accidentally throw your companion cube, or drop it. GAME OVER. But the beauty of having the companion cube is that it’s tough, it’s durable and it’s always there with you, even after a test gone horribly wrong.

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Very Valve: New Portal Apparel and Accessories from J!NX

Add a splash of Portal to your wardrobe from a variety of accessories to matching your underwear with your hoodie. It’s part of the Aperture dress code after all.