The epitome of rags to riches, Aisha Cordell was once just another street rat living in the infamous Euphoria Tower projects on the south side of San Uriel, California. As the younger cousin of the Sin the notoriously ruthless leader of the Celestials, a Zuran street gang, she became one of the few humans to join their infamous ranks in recorded history. However she was destined for more, as soon after meeting Isis Dogun and her little brother Ré, the duo helped the others convince her that she possessed a true talent for singing. By the age of fifteen she was signed to a major label, by eighteen she was the president of her own indie label ShootinStarz, and currently at twenty-one she’s an internationally famous songstress, actress, model, sometimes rapper, and entrepreneur. Unfortunately, as they say, ‘all good things must come to an end,’ the curtain call for life as she knows it is fast approaching, and a new cast of actors are about to take the center stage, can she maintain her role amidst the end of the world?

Drawn by @rush-it